Quiet Friday: Five Rosepath Rag Rugs

My mother taught me to notice and enjoy beauty. I think that is why I find so much enjoyment at the weaving loom. The interplay of colors and materials never ceases to amaze me. I am often delighted as I see the woven material forming under my shuttle, feeling more like an observer than a performer. So, it was with great pleasure that I got to show my mom my weaving looms when she came to Texas for Melody’s wedding. I put this rug warp on the loom with that special visit in mind. Thanks for everything, Mom!

Rosepath rag rugs just off the loom. Karen Isenhower
Seeing the underneath side of the rugs first, just after the rugs are cut from the loom.
Winding rug warp on warping reel.
First step is winding the warp on the warping reel. 219 warp ends in two similar shades of grey, 8.5 yards / 7.75 meters long.
Weaving narrow strips for rag rug hem.
After weaving some waste fabric strips, I weave the hem, using 1/4 inch- / 1/2 cm- wide strips. I mark the green ribbon to show the weaving length of the hem, and the overall length of the rug. I also mark the midway point on the ribbon.
Rosepath rag rug on the loom. 1 of 5. ki
This is the rug my mother got to see on the loom. She liked it!
Rosepath rag rug on the loom. 2 of 5. ki
Turquoise paisley fabric pairs with a solid blue to outline the brown rosepath design.
Rosepath rag rug on the loom. 3 of 5. ki
Three ski shuttles create gradient color changes in the blue and teal (out of view) background, while maintaining the white rosepath pattern. It was a little insane to manage three ski shuttles! But I have to admit I enjoyed it.
Rosepath rag rug on the loom. 4 of 5. ki
This is my version of Radiant Orchid, the Pantone Color of the Year 2014.
Rosepath rag rug on the loom. 5 of 5. Karen Isenhower
Two-toned rosepath, with dotted outlines. Subtle turquoise waves almost hide in the dark earth tones at each end of the rug.
End of the rag rug warp. Too close for comfort.
This is not how to plan a rug. The end of the warp is right behind the shafts. Or, maybe this shows how well I planned the warp, right down to the very last inch…
Five New Rosepath Rugs. Karen Isenhower
Not yet cut apart, ready for finishing the ends and hemming.

May you make fond memories with those you love.

(While I’m busy hemming these rugs, please visit my Etsy Shop to see more rosepath rag rugs.)

Happy Weaving,