Rag Rug Tapestry

Bold striped hems and four white stripes across this rug stabilize the unpredictable design. This is the rug that uses up several remnants from my fabric stash. My main agenda was to use up fabric.

Double binding twill rag rug.
Final rug from this warp of double binding twill rag rugs. The striped hem is created by alternating picks of dark and light fabric strips.

I like rugs for the way they give the impression of a pathway. A place to put down your feet and walk. This rug does look like a path to me. Like a tapestry, this rug tellsĀ a story. I can see irregular changes of scenery. And the white stripes are like scheduled events that add structure and definition. It is good to have a path for your feet, and for your life.

Life is filled with changing seasons, and with schedules and interruptions. It isn’t always easy to see the right path. The Shepherd leads us on a path lined with goodness and mercy. These qualities are woven in. Like this double binding rug, mercy is always on the other side of goodness. And goodness backs up mercy. When these elements of kind-hearted design can be seen in our lives, though only as remnants and fragments, that is when we know we are on the right path.

May goodness and mercy follow you around.

Happy Weaving,

6 thoughts on “Rag Rug Tapestry

    1. Fran, you have made my day!
      You are in good company. This is my husband’s favorite rug, too. He is the one who pointed out to me that it looks like a tapestry.

      Thank you!

  1. I was actually thinking pictorial tapestry. More So. west Indian or NE seaside with boats and light houses. The rug is very nice, as is all your work, but I’m challenging you to go big and be UNSAFE. love, peace and joy, linda

    1. I love the idea, Linda. I’m not sure how soon I’ll be able to tackle that. I have a few project ideas lined up for the looms that will last me awhile. I’ll let the idea simmer and brew, though, so I can add that to my list of accomplishments one day!

      Thank you!

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