Tapestry Diary Imaginary Mountains

Small tapestry weaving has been added back to my evening routine. Tea and tapestry. This quieting-down practice closes my day. I missed that. I didn’t decide to stop my tapestry ritual; I just drifted away as life got complicated, a little at a time, until I wasn’t doing any tapestry at all.

Tapestry diary on frame loom.
Tapestry diary resumes, adding one little mountain each day.
Small tapestry diary progress, woven from the back.
Small tapestry woven from the back.

I am weaving little mountains here–one little mountain each day. I let my imagination create scenes that are hidden from view. There are lush valleys between the peaks, and brush-covered hills too short to be seen. In the imaginary mountains, there are innumerable hiding places. I see myself slipping out of sight to sit on a quiet grassy slope next to a sparkling stream.

Small tapestry diary progress. Karen Isenhower
New mountains are woven, creating more imaginary hiding places.
Daily tapestry practice. Tapestry and tea to close the day.
Daily quiet tapestry and tea provides a peaceful close to each day’s adventures.

When life gets complicated and overwhelming, there is one thing we need. A safe place to hide. The Lord provides a hiding shelter in his presence to those who come to him. This is the place of safety. From our hiding place, we can see across the distance, make plans for the future, and rest up to continue our journey with strength–strength to cross one mountain at a time.

May you find a hiding place when you need it.


6 thoughts on “Tapestry Diary Imaginary Mountains

  1. Hi. As always very nice. Are you making an actual sky cloud hot air balloon bird picture, or an abstract? can’t wait to see. LPJ, linda
    PS I’m computer illiterate, just about kinder garden level so I cannot share my weaving with you. Please know you do bring me joy and inspire me. I won’t see a reply d/t deleting emails quickly.

  2. I’m interested to know what kind of tapestry loom you’re using here and how the warp threads attach. I’ve tried searching your site for such basic information but have not been successful.

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