Rug for a Happy Dance

Three days is almost too short for threading looms, sleying reeds, tying on, and tying up. And designing and weaving a real double binding rag rug. But with this fantastic group of weavers, we did it! It is satisfying to hear a roomful of looms at work. Beaters banging, treadles clacking, and exclamations of “Oh, look at this!,” and “Karen, Help!” The highlights for me are seeing the amazing designs created by each individual, and watching the delight in each weaver’s face as she rolls out her own rug on the floor.

Sunlight in the morning at Arkansas cabin.
Morning sunlight at the cabin in the woods where we are staying.
Red Scottie Fibers in Eureka Springs - weaving supplies and classes.
Red Scottie Fibers in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is hosting the workshop.
Double binding rag rug workshop - Karen Isenhower
Six looms with weavers setting up for weaving double binding rag rugs.
Double binding rag rug workshop.
Janet’s was one of the first rugs off the loom.
Happy dance on new double binding rug!
Gayle’s reaction to seeing her new rug on the floor was a spontaneous happy dance!
Double binding rag rug workshop - Karen Isenhower
Double binding rag rugs and four of the rug designers.

May you make something beautiful and do your own happy dance.

Happy Weaving,

7 thoughts on “Rug for a Happy Dance

  1. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Your web site has been a great motivator. I’ve been weaving for 3 1/2 years and seem to keep doing the same things over and over. I’m inspired to try something new because of your sharing your ups and downs on new projects. Keep up the great site. I’m sure I am not the only one who loves reading it.

  2. I’m new to this blog and am SO happy I found it!! The rugs are beautiful and the local is divine! I’m looking forward to many blogs to come!

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