Last Little Bit of Warp

All the rugs in the set are woven, and there is a little bit of warp left on the loom. Not enough for another rug. Now what? This is where the fun begins! I have some ideas to play out on the loom. End-of-Warp experiments yield fantastic results.

I arrange remaining weft fabric strips into piles of blue, green, red, and yellow/white. Double binding uses a sequence of dark and light wefts. So, I work through the color piles in order, starting with the blues for one pick, and then, going in reverse order, the yellows/whites for the next pick. The result is vertical columns of adjacent blocks that have the color order going in opposite directions, with the reds converging in the middle.

Cushion cover: Off the loom, I fold this attractive rag weave rectangle in half, short sides together, and machine-stitch the two long sides closed. The remaining open end has handwoven bands, from my ever-ready band stash, for tie closures. Voila! With a cushion inserted, I have a new seat cushion for driving the truck. It’s perfect!

Ink and watercolor sketch as part of my new sketchbook practice.

May you use every last bit of your warp.

Happy experimenting,

8 thoughts on “Last Little Bit of Warp

  1. Hi Karen, I love this. Weavers don’t like to waste anything and this is a fun project for using up those last bits of weft and the last of the warp. This winter I have been making pot holders out of samples and left over pieces of my projects. I get to use up my bands for decorating them and it also brings back memories of when I wove these samples. And I have little gifts to give away.
    Thanks for writing this idea for using up the last of the warp.

    1. Hi Joanne, I always look forward to the extra warp at the end. It’s often a surprise to see what I end up with. That is a great idea to make potholders out of leftover pieces. That would make lovely gifts. I never thought of using up bands in that way – and I do have plenty of those! Now you’ve given me some more ideas.


  2. Hi Karen, I agree with Joanne, what a great idea for using up your rug warp and weft. Your rugs are always beautiful, you have a good eye for colour and design.

    1. Hi Maureen, I’m happy to know you enjoy color and design, too! I’m always on the hunt for ways to use those last pieces from a weaving project.


  3. Nice. I love color in any format…. marker, textiles, landscape….

    Today, we have piles of snow that slid off the metal roof re-sculpting the landscape. And early morning icy roads…. The great thing about snow is, it matches everything.

    Stay creative.

    1. Hi Nannette – you’re right there with me – we love color.
      Our cold weather slipped away for a while. I’m sure it will sneak back in for a bit before this month is over.

      Happy weaving,

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