What Five-Shaft Huckaback Can Do

It takes only four blocks to weave these lovely summer “flowers.” This five-shaft huckaback uses one tabby treadle and four pattern treadles. My right foot operates the tabby treadle and my left foot manages the pattern treadles. One treadle remains on the floor (not tied up) between the tabby and pattern treadles, putting a helpful space between right foot and left foot.

Skirt fabric!
Flower pattern will be on the second and third tiers of a three-tiered skirt.

Each of the four pattern treadles produces its own block. It couldn’t be simpler. It’s always right foot, left foot. Yet, I can weave the wrong sequence, even while I’m patting myself on the back. For that reason, I stop and examine my work after every few picks. I want to make sure my weaving aligns with the treadling sequence on the draft.

Weaving fabric for 3-tiered skirt!
Summer flowers in huckaback (huck lace).

Have you noticed how easy it is to judge someone else’s motives? And how hard it is to notice our own? I can fool myself. The Lord knows us better than we know ourselves. It’s his mercy that shows us our impure motives. His grace shows us how to walk in his ways. His love keeps us coming back to align our hearts with his.

May your fabric have grace woven in.

Happy Weaving,

4 thoughts on “What Five-Shaft Huckaback Can Do

    1. Hi Den, The draft is in the book “Happy Weaving” from Vävmagasinet, p.10-11. “Little Tablecloth in Huckaback” – a design by Henny Lindberg. I adapted the draft for my skirt fabric by elongating sections to make the stripes, and by using a contrasting color for the border. I am using 24/2 cotton warp and 16/1 linen weft, as in the original, with a sett of 20 ends per cm (~50 ends per inch).

      Happy weaving,

  1. Pretty summery colors.

    Basis my experience with weaving in rags and pearl cotton… Is a lightness attainable for a summer skirt with this thread?

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