Quills of Summer Yellow

Yellow is everywhere right now. A profusion of wildflowers stretches across our backyard, and much of it is yellow. The bright yellow linen weft fits right in! This is skirt fabric in the making. Wearing the skirt will be as if I’m wearing my own little summer flower garden.

Five more wound quills ready to go!

One shuttle, one color. There are no decisions to make about the weft. Just keep these quills full of glowing yellow thread. When the last of the filled quills is in the shuttle, I weave until I find a good stopping place. Then, it’s time to get up and wind a handful of quills again. Replenish before the quill in the shuttle is bare.

Huckaback skirt fabric. Linen weft.
24/2 cotton warp, 16/1 linen weft, 5-shaft Huckaback.

To be full of faith is to be faithful. We say we trust Jesus. But can Jesus trust us? Faith-ful means you not only believe in him, you abide in him. You believe, and you live what you believe. Day, after day, after day. Quill, after quill, after quill. Replenish regularly to keep getting filled up. Never depleted. Always ready for the next pick.

May you never be depleted.

Happy Weaving,

6 thoughts on “Quills of Summer Yellow

  1. Could you talk about the quills? How are they constructed? Will you please share the finished garment? The cloth is so beautiful! What an inspiration.

    1. Hi Cathy, I promise to share the finished garment. It may be a while, though, since I’m still on the first tier of a 3-tiered skirt. This may be a skirt for next summer. 🙂

      The quills are simple cardboard cylinders that fit on the narrow spindle of Swedish boat shuttles. It is easy to make them, too, by cutting a circle of brown paper (or other sturdy paper) and rolling it into a cylinder. I have never woven with anything but quills, since that is what works with all my shuttles. I like the way the thread easily rolls off the spindle. (I think most weaving suppliers carry cardboard quills in varying lengths, as well as the boat shuttles with the narrow spindle.)

      Thanks for your kind compliments!

  2. Good morning Karen,

    Yellow, like sunshine. How pretty.

    Preparedness always makes the impossible possible.

    A few weeks ago, snow. Today, the trees are just shy of gully leafed out. God does not dally when it comes to spring.

    1. Hi Tobie, This is a draft for a small 5-shaft huckaback (huck lace) tablecloth from the book “Happy Weaving.” I adapted the draft for this project to make it what I envisioned for a tiered skirt.


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