Process Review: Unboxing Siru

Steve and I assembled another loom recently. This 40 cm (15 3/4”) Glimakra Siru Rigid Heddle Loom is going camping with me. It folds and opens effortlessly, even with a warp on it. The Siru loom has built-in support for two heddles. This gives me the perfect excuse to dip my toes into two-heddle weaving on the rigid heddle loom.

Assembling a new Glimakra Siru RH loom.
Glimåkra Siru Rigid Heddle Loom in the box. Do I see a little dinosaur? …or is that a pony?
Weaving with 2 heddles on rigid heddle loom.
First project is a three-shaft twill, using 2 heddles. Warp is 22/2 cottolin. I am trying an assortment of linen, cotton, and cottolin wefts, with single threads and doubled threads. Everyone wants to know what I am making… Answer – Nothing in particular, I’m just weaving for fun.

As with any loom assembly, Steve and I first lay out all the parts and pieces, putting like things and sizes together. We then mark off the supply list in the instructions to make sure no parts are missing. That prep work simplifies the whole assembly process. The written instructions that come with the loom are sparse, but I found this online video that shows clear assembly steps for the Siru: Siru Assembly

I am impressed with the Siru for its sturdy construction, ease of folding, and smoothly operating ratchets. I will write more on two-heddle weaving on the rigid heddle loom in the future, as I gain experience…

And here is our one-minute version of assembling and weaving on the Glimåkra Siru Rigid Heddle Loom:

May you put your parts and pieces in order.

Happy Travel Weaving,

4 thoughts on “Process Review: Unboxing Siru

  1. What a handy little loom! Does it stay in place when warping and weaving, or do you have to clamp it to the table?

    One more option for weaving away from home
    It’s so neat!

    1. Hi Elisabeth, I’m enjoying the simplicity of this loom. It is heavy enough that it stays put. The loom came with clamps, and has slots on the sides to make it easy to clamp to a table, but I didn’t find it necessary to do that for warping or for weaving. This Siru is a good option for travel weaving, I also think it will work well for grandchildren when they come to visit.


    1. Hi Monique, All my weaving on this Siru has been with two heddles, which poses its own challenges, and sometimes the shed is smaller than I’d like. With a single heddle the shed is more than adequate. It folds down very easily for travel. I wouldn’t say it is compact in size, but I can fold it with a warp on it and it stays secure. It is easy to carry when it is folded.


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