Process Review: Glimåkra Siru – First Time Around the Block

This is the completion of my first warp of three shaft twill on a rigid heddle loom. One step beyond plain weave, this opens the door to further exploration of double-heddle weaving on the rigid heddle loom. I already have two 50 cm (12-dent) heddles in hand for my next project, which will enable me to get an even finer/tighter cloth than with the 40 cm (10-dent) heddles I used for this project.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park and weaving outside.
Glimåkra Siru rigid heddle loom, beside the Weber grill on the picnic table. Weaving outside in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas.
Cottolin warp, and cottolin and linen wefts, make lightweight, but sturdy colorful face cloths. 1/2 weft-faced twill.

The Glimåkra Siru Rigid Heddle loom is the star of this show. Follow along as I take a quick look back through the process of weaving this light fabric. The cotton and linen squares are perfect for face cloths and light wash cloths.

May you be blessed.

Happy Weaving,

8 thoughts on “Process Review: Glimåkra Siru – First Time Around the Block

  1. Ooh! Love it! I used to take my featherweight camping and so scrap blocks, but my husband is no longer able to drive the RV, we had to sell it. And my driving it made him crazy! Ah, such are the changes in life.

    1. Hi Bonnie, Every season of life has new blessings. I’m glad you have some great memories of sewing while RV-ing. It sure is enjoyable to sit outdoors and use our hands to make things.

      All the best,

    1. Hi Patty, I have not found many resources for weaving 3-shaft drafts on the rigid heddle loom. I did, however, just pick up a new book this week. “Krokbragd,” by Debby Greenlaw. I was pleasantly surprised to find a chapter on weaving krokbragd, a 3-shaft weave, on a rigid heddle loom, using double heddles or pick-up techniques. The author’s instructions for warping and threading the loom are very clear.

      I plan to do a post in the future that details what I have learned about weaving 3-shaft drafts on the rigid heddle loom.


  2. What a cool RHL and how perfect for travel in an RV. I really like the ergonomics of it. I can’t be without some type of loom while “glamping” and usually have the Glimakra Freja with me or my Mirrix Saffron. My husband would freak if I added this to my portable looms, he’s already having rolling his eyes that a Julia is soon to be added to the loom collection :).

    1. Hi Renee, The Siru has worked very well for me to take in our little travel trailer. I seem to need some type of loom with me, too. IF we are traveling by car, without the camper, I usually have my small Freja with me.

      I sure enjoy weaving on my Julia. It’s such a sweet, but sturdy, little loom. There’s always room for a Julia. …and a Siru…

      Happy weaving,

  3. Good morning Karen,

    Still getting used to living in the north woods. No need to travel beyond at this point.

    Between the deer and the weather, the garden is done for the year and the looms are calling.

    Thank you for your camping Weaving adventure.

    Project 1 is turning my husbands old shop floor shirts into a rag rug of autumn colors. Then… who knows where the winter will take me.

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