Weaving a Few Critters

I am imagining Texas hill country critters (and birds) that will make their way onto the family napkins I’m getting ready to weave. I am thinking of an armadillo, a jack rabbit, a gray fox, a roadrunner, a Texas longhorn, a Texas spiny lizard, a black-chinned hummingbird, and a few more. Designing each image for the drawloom is fun. Just wait till you see the armadillo!

All the pattern heddles have been threaded.

Preparation makes way for imaginative creativity. This is why I enjoy all the drawloom prep.

Six ground shafts hang in front of the pattern heddles for threading. Heddles on the ground shafts are long-eye heddles, which make threading a breeze.
Threading ground shafts is almost complete. I will move the six shafts to the front of the loom to hang from the countermarch. After that, I can start positioning the pattern shafts. And then…weaving those critters!

Everything we do today is preparing for something tomorrow. Enjoy today. Look forward to tomorrow.

What critters (or birds) would you include if you were designing these napkins? Tell us in the comments!

May your creativity soar in relation to your diligent preparations.

Happy weaving,

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18 thoughts on “Weaving a Few Critters

  1. Can’t wait to see what you weave. I’m just setting my Julia drawloom up for weaving some of my backyard critters.

    1. Hi Renee, Your Julia drawloom is going to have backyard critters, too?? Well, you know what they say about great minds! I would really love to see your drawloom critters when you get them going. Could you send me an email with pictures?

      Happy weaving,

  2. There are critters galore in our region. This year we even had a symphony down by the waterfront by a herd of sea lion passing through. That was a full January event as they hung out on the local wharf.
    I would include Alligator Lizard, Red Sided Salamander, Douglas Squirrel, otter, Kingfisher, beaver (yes, saw a guy I had to chase away from the Main Street), grouse, bald eagle, Oyster Catcher, Blue Heron, Sharp-Shinned Hawk, and Sharp-Tailed Snake.

    Oh I almost forgot the most important, trout and salmon (coho and chum).

    I am leaving off the mink because they kill dogs which I fancy! THE NATURE IS A TRUE BLESSING!

    1. Hi Vivian, You have some very interesting critters around you! Thanks for giving us a picture of the glorious creation in your area. What region are you in? One of the very few times I’ve seen sea lions was on a trip along the coast of Oregon.


      1. Hi Karen,

        I live in West Vancouver, B.C.. sea lions are a rarity. They migrate through along the coast… california to Alaska? in the winter but they usually don’t stop as they did this year.

  3. Huh?
    I know you say you’ll explain next week, but???
    If you’re saying you’re using another social media form, I’ll be really sad since I don’t do any others, just email.

    1. Hi Katy, I am so grateful for you and your interest in Warped for Good!

      I also don’t do social media, so those streams won’t benefit us here. I know it is disappointing to learn that email subscriptions are coming to a close.

      My hope is that you will continue to come to Warped for Good and be along with me on this weaving journey.

      Thank you so much for letting me know your thoughts!

    1. Maureen, you gave me a good laugh. Oh, we do have plenty of raptors around here, mostly turkey vultures and black vultures. No, thank you, I don’t think I want to see vultures on our napkins. We may have some raven-ous little mouths around the table, but no ravens will be on the napkins, either.


  4. I would weave swallows. When I see their rapid flight towards the sky, it tells me that it is summer here for real.
    3 months left until then.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Ida, I like your idea of weaving swallows and your reason behind it. The swallows we have around here are barn swallows. They are very pretty, but they do try to build nests in the eaves of the house, which is not so good.


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