Warped for Good Is Changing the Sett!

Change is an essential element of weaving. How many times do we change the warp on our looms? Or change the sett, the pattern, the color sequence? Change is the rhythm of life.

Weaving 8-shaft broken twill on the Julia is a relaxing way to wind down the day.

After next week, April 11, Warped for Good is starting in a new direction. Instead of posting exclusively on Tuesdays I am switching to a more spontaneous approach. I will keep sharing highlights from my weaving journey, enjoying, as always, your thoughtful feedback in the comments.

Next week you will see the completed small tapestries from my hand-built loom. Soon after that, look for finished spaced rep rag rugs from the Standard. And the crazy critter napkins that are coming up on the drawloom will show my not-so-serious side. There is no shortage of weaving projects around here! I am looking forward to robust interaction with you as we enter this new rhythm.

Six out of twelve placemats are woven. It’s fun to think about seeing the placemats all spread out on the dining room table.

I haven’t decided what to put on the Julia after the placemats are finished. Is there a weaving project you’d like to see? I’m open to suggestions.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Warped for Good emails are ending after April 11. Please bookmark this site so you can come right here and enjoy this weaving journey with me. Think about setting a reminder for yourself to come and see what’s happening on these looms.

May you know when to change the sett.


18 thoughts on “Warped for Good Is Changing the Sett!

  1. While I will miss your weekly posts, I understand the need for change and will check in regularly. I’m looking forward to seeing your newly completed projects and those in the future. You are such an inspiration, Karen.

    1. Hi Beth, I have counted on your kind words for a long time. You have been such an encouragement to me. I’m glad to hear that you will keep coming back. We’ll turn this corner together and it’ll be good.

      Thank you,

  2. I too will miss your posts. I hope to check in to see what you are up to. Love the colours for your placemats!

    1. Hi Den, The colors for the placemats seem soothing to me. I’m glad you like them, too. Please check in whenever you can. You may find updates here more often than you think.

      Thanks so much,

  3. I will surely miss your post but bookmarked the page so I can check back and see what you are weaving. Have a Happy and Blessed Easter.

    1. Hi Laura, Thank you for bookmarking this page. You’ll get one more email – next week. I’m so glad to know you will check back after that.

      Be blessed celebrating the Resurrection,

  4. Thank you for the heads up.

    When we moved to NE Wisconsin, all the connections to post on my blog went away. …. Now that we finally have starlink those connections, such as transferring photos from camera (now cell phone) have progressed and have to be re-learned. I realized how much time the posting took away from my textile fun.

    I will always enjoy any sharing you do on line. Realizing there is a finite time each day to do everything desired.

    Holy week is a great time for change. Blessed Easter.

    1. Hi Nannette, I’m glad to have your input. Writing posts for this blog has been a joy for me. I’m glad I will be able to continue doing that. It will be interesting for all of us to find out what that pace will look like after next week. You can expect some impromptu posts!

      Blessed Easter,

  5. Thank you for your inspiring messages over the years. They surely helped especially during trying times!

    1. Hi Linda, It is reassuring for me to know that you have found solace here during trying times. It’s amazing what the Lord can do with the little we offer. I can write a few words and he can take them to someone’s heart.

      Thanks for being in this journey with me,

    1. Hi Ann, I am blessed by your kind words. Hopefully, we’ll keep going along weaving, and maybe have room for a few surprises.

      Thank you so much,

  6. Happy Easter dear weaving teacher and friend!

    Change is constant and I look forward to your new adventure. Your website is already favorited, so I am ready.

    So good to know that our Lord never changes! The more I learn about Him the more I change. Hallelujah!!!

    1. Hi Linda, Hugs to you! I’m thrilled to know that you’re not going anywhere, that you’ll be right here with me.
      Amen, our gracious Lord never changes! And yes, we are the ones being changed – to his glory.

      Blessed Resurrection celebration!

      Thank you for your kind support,

    1. Hi Bev, I am thankful to hear that you will try to keep in touch! After next week’s email, I’m going to have fun posting on a whim! We’ll both find out what that looks like.

      Thank you!

  7. Oh Karen, I so understand! But I must tell you I am always so delighted to receive your emails, and more so to read your inspiring, uplifting and affirming posts. I will hopefully remember to check in here often so as not to lose touch with you and your fiber and life journey. Many blessing to you and yours on this new endeavor.

    1. Hi Mary Margaret, You have truly touched my heart. Thank you for letting me know what the emails have meant to you. I am so grateful to have you here.

      Thank you so much!

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