Two Pictorial Tapestries Finished

The Glimåkra Standard is where I am most comfortable, even though the reach of the full width is stretching me. The curtains for the bathroom are progressing. No new news, just continuation of adding cloth to the cloth beam.

Still weaving this M’s and O’s curtain yardage. Looking forward to the day the curtains will hang in our remodeled bathroom.
Fabric is adding up on the cloth beam.

The Glimåkra Ideal is patiently waiting for a new tapestry warp. I have a bit more design work to do on the cartoon, and then I’ll be winding the warp with the 16/2 linen I have set aside just for this project. I’m eager to show the new tapestry idea to you! Soon!!

I am finishing up the next critter napkin design for the drawloom. This one is a roadrunner, and it is just…about…ready…to weave.

The Glimåkra Julia is getting filled up on the cloth beam, too. This wool goose-eye fabric is going to be fun to sew into a winter cape when it comes off the loom!

I like to check on the cloth beam to see how it is filling up. You can see there is still more warp on the warp beam.
Julia with four shafts. Ribbon pinned on the side has marks that help me keep the diamond pattern square.

And finally. Drumroll. After a year of sitting on the sidelines after having been cut from the loom, two small tapestries are now hanging on our walls. I did the finishing work of adding a slat for hanging, stitching a backing in place, including some zigzag quilting stitches for support, and stitching up the sides and the hem.

Beginning to mount the tapestry by adding a wood slat at the top.
Backing is added to the back of the tapestries. Zigzag stitching at the top helps secure the tapestry so it will not sag. One small nail will hold the tapestry to the wall.
Heaven and Earth
Intricately Created: Delicate Wing of a Monarch Butterfly.

It is good to finish, even if you do it a year later. Now I am really ready to start the next tapestry.

Happy Weaving, Karen

3 thoughts on “Two Pictorial Tapestries Finished

  1. Beautiful tapestries! Congratulation!
    Interesting mounting with the wood slat wrapped in cloth.
    Do you put the nail through the slat or is the slat hung on the nail?


    1. Hi Ida, Thank you! It’s good to have these tapestries hanging up.
      The nail goes through the slat into the wall. If you zoom in on the picture of the backs of the two tapestries, you can see a small hole in the slat near the top. We put a hole in the slat before covering it with cloth, and then I poke through the cloth to make the small hole so we know where to put the nail. This is a nice way to hang the tapestry, because it holds it just a little bit away from the wall.


      1. Thank you for explaining that. Love seeing different solutions for hanging tapestries.
        I have to figure out how to hang my tapestry that I finished with a rounded top edge. Like a church window. Never done that before.
        So I guess it will take a while, but eventually it will dawn on me.
        Take care

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