Wild Turkey and More

Three looms are active right now. The drawloom has the napkin project, with a wild turkey on this one.

Wild turkey feet and legs weave up quickly. There are only a few single unit draw cords to pull at a time, plus one pattern shaft draw handle for the side borders.
Wild turkey feathers require many more single unit draw cords. Even the borders at this place in the pattern are done with single units. The cast shadow on the loom from the bell that hangs in the window makes a funny face at this time of day. Could be a silly turkey face? 🙂

The Julia has the wool goose-eye twill fabric that I plan to use for making myself a simple winter cape. Next winter should be here soon enough.

Wool cape fabric in goose-eye twill.

Last but not the least at all is the Glimåkra Standard with curtains for our remodeled bathroom. This is a big project and I will be weaving on this for a while. M’s and O’s is enjoyable to weave. I like the counting for the squares and stripes, and the trading off of feet that this project gives me.

Curtain fabric in M’s and O’s is winding up on the cloth beam.

Happy Weaving,


2 thoughts on “Wild Turkey and More

  1. Just saying Hello! How are you? Soon we have Easter here and then April knocks on the door. And in my part of the world we hope for spring.
    Take care

    1. Hello Ida! Thanks for checking in. I’m always excited to celebrate Easter – Resurrection Sunday! Spring is already showing up where we live. Wildflowers are blooming.

      Look for a new post the day after Easter. I’ll have an update of what I’m working on.

      Happy Spring,

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