More than Meets the Eye

We are surrounded with ordinary things. If we focus entirely on the ordinary we can miss the extraordinary that’s right in front of us. Something amazing happens and we don’t even notice. I’m not just talking about everyday miracles — a baby takes his first breath, a rosebud opens, a butterfly escapes from its chrysalis. I’m talking about the hidden things that are only seen with a special lens.

handwoven band
Woven on a two-treadle band loom, this cotton/linen band will be used as trim, straps, and handles.
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Anyone might appreciate a woven band like this, but a handweaver will see things about this woven piece that wouldn’t occur to the casual observer. It makes sense that a weaver would see threads and cloth with a different lens than someone without weaving experience. What kind of lens do we need in order to see beyond the surface of ordinary events in our lives?

Faith is the lens of spiritual eyes, and by wearing this lens we are able see the amazing things God is doing around us — things unnoticed by the naked eye. There will always be the everyday miracles that we don’t want to miss, but I want to be one of the few who see the back story of how the threads of life are intentionally being woven together.

May you capture the wonder of intricately woven threads in your life.

Constantly amazed,

6 thoughts on “More than Meets the Eye

  1. Everything you write is a pleasure to read, it offers me much needed food for thought.

    It is interesting how differently we see things depending on the “lens” we are wearing. It is not always easy to see the beauty surrounding us, but it doesn’t mean it is not there. And I wonder sometimes if we have the wrong idea of what beauty really is.

    1. It makes me happy that you find something “nourishing” in these thoughts I write about.
      “And I wonder sometimes if we have the wrong idea of what beauty really is.” Wow, now you’re giving me something to think about! I’m going to ponder that.

  2. Is the beauty found in…

    an item itself or in the love and passion that went into making it?

    a service offered or in the enthusiasm of the person providing it?

    a dress or in the joy of the person wearing it?

    the features or in the love reflected in someone’s face?

    More and more we focus on the appearance of things. I believe the love put into the creation of something is what creates the beauty. Without that passion, without that enthusiasm, without that love, the physical impression may just be an empty shell or a superficial idea of beauty.

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