This Is What Makes You Beautiful

A piece of woven sampling becomes a purse. I started creating this little purse months ago, but got frustrated in my design-as-you-go process and put it back in the box.

Twill pattern cottolin towel warp
Sampling at the beginning of the warp, trying out different weft colors and treadling patterns. Most of this warp was made into kitchen towels.

Determined to find solutions, last week I brought the unfinished project back out. After redesigning, ripping out, adding, and sewing… Voila! A finished purse! Finding wisdom is like searching for a solution to something you feel like giving up on. When you press through with determination, though, breakthrough comes.

Handwoven purse being created
Trying out options for adding a zipper inside the purse. Also adding a strap I wove on the band loom.

Beauty is only skin deep. Really? If it is only surface, do you still call it beauty? The outside of a person makes a first impression, but it is the inner person that leaves a lasting impact. What good is a purse that is nice only on the outside? A great purse should make you say, ooh, ahh… when you peer inside.

Inside of handwoven bag
Lined, inner divider with complimentary fabrics, zipper with braided zipper pull, and matching woven strap finishes the bag.

Wisdom that guides everyday decisions creates beauty inside and out. Wisdom must be sought out. Like digging for buried treasure, it is worth the struggle. Wisdom brings extraordinary value to your thoughts, words, and actions; and then presents you as the beauty you were created to be.

Handwoven cottolin purse
One-of-a-kind small handwoven bag, woven and designed with gentle persistence. Handwoven Fabric: Cotton/Linen blend; Lining: Cotton

May wisdom guide all your decisions.

Searching for buried treasure,

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