Beginning with Broken Ends

I have 240 perfect warp ends, but my attention is not on the perfect ones, it’s on the broken ones. Two threads got crossed behind the reed, and that extra friction was more than these linen singles could handle, so they snapped. I will repair these ends, and then they will weave in just fine with the rest of the warp. But until then, the broken ends have my attention. Likewise, our master weaver gives attention to people in need.

Linen singles warp with broken ends
Two broken warp ends have been uncrossed, and then repositioned correctly through heddles and reed. Now they are awaiting repair (relatively simple, because this is near the very beginning of the warp).

When we feel defeated in life, we may think we have to pull ourselves together and fix the mess. The problem is, when we are at our lowest, we are not capable of fixing anything. And, don’t think for a minute that everyone else is perfect, either. We all have weak spots.

The good thing is, we have a master weaver who keeps watching for broken people, so he can lovingly weave them into place in his fabric. He gives his kind attention, especially when we are at our greatest need. In his time, and in his way, he repairs and restores, and we become woven into his beautiful cloth.

May you find the help you need, when you need it most.

With care,