Tools Day: Jury Rigging

Resourcefulness, make-do ability, outside-the-box thinking, solution-minded questions, and a little stubbornness. These are some of the best things to keep in the weaver’s toolbox. Jury rigging is an old nautical term having to do with sailors improvising the replacement of a damaged mast and sails, using only tools and materials that happen to be on hand. You could call it makeshift repairs or temporary contrivances. That describes what I did this week as I came near the end of the linen warp. And, like a sailor, I was working with wood, strings, and cloth.

Rya knots in linen cloth.
Warp ends on the sides have become looser than the warp that has the rya knots in it. That’s not good. Tension needs to be even across the warp.

I needed to even out the tension across the warp ends, because the outer edges were not taking up at the same rate as the warp in the center, because of the rya knots. The pictures show how I jury rigged a warping slat, empty thread tubes, S-hooks, and 2-pound walking weights to adjust the tension so I could continue weaving.

Jury rigged warp tensioning.
Adding weight to the loose sections of the warp.
Jury rigged warp tensioning
Two-pound walking weights are easy to hang from S-hooks. Using empty thread spools was a short-lived solution. That had to change when I advanced the warp.
Evening out warp tension with weights
Changing the slat so it is over the loose warp ends enables me to hang the weights directly on the slat with S-hooks.
Walking weights to tighten loose warp ends.
View from underneath, walking weights hang from warping slat to increase tension on the loose warp ends.

May you know when to make a temporary, but useful, contraption.

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2 thoughts on “Tools Day: Jury Rigging

  1. Thanks for the tip! I’m just starting to run into a similar problem. I’m weaving an ondulating twill on a quite stiff linen rayon blend and now that I am have way the tension in the sections with th longer floats is getting looser and looser. Tried it with a string but it’s got to be something rigid. Going to fix it tomorrow with a stick and some weights.

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