What You Can See Through the Fringe

We are so close to seeing the full width of this blanket! When I finish twisting the fringe across the bottom layer, the scissors are coming out to cut off the warp. Woo Hoo! I will still have the fringe header to secure and error floats to repair; and then, wet finishing and brushing. But the reward of a finished blanket will be worth it.

Upper layer of twisted fringe on double-width wool blanket.
Colors of the lower layer of the double-width blanket are visible through the upper layer of twisted fringe.

Looking through the fringes on the top layer gives us our first good glimpse of the colors underneath. This makes me excited to see the full expression across the double-width warp for the first time, when I unfold the blanket. I don’t think we will be disappointed, but how can we know for sure until we have seen it?

We hope for the best as we make personal resolutions toward positive changes. Asking God for help makes a difference. We see what he has already done, and we look through that and get a preview of what is ahead, knowing his faithfulness. He is able to do super abundantly more than we can ask, or even think to ask. God can do more in us than we can imagine. Imagine that!

May you face the near future with eager anticipation.


4 thoughts on “What You Can See Through the Fringe

  1. Hi Karen, I enjoy your blog and your support. Now, for particulars are you going to tell us how many epi for each layer, how wide in the reed, how long you wove it? Nosey me. what kind of yarn you used? Your colors are beautiful.

    1. Hi Helen,

      Thanks for your questions! Yes, I’d be happy to fill you in on the details. I’ll include the details in the next post about the blanket.


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