Weaving Favorites

I normally pin a measuring ribbon to the cloth being woven, moving the pins as I advance the warp. This rug is different. I am using a graph paper sketch; and beside each block on the sketch I have written the number of inches to weave. The tape measure that hangs at the end of my weaving bench makes it easy to follow the plan, measuring frequently as I go. This requires mindfulness as I weave, paying attention to the pattern.

Patterned rag rug on the loom
Two cotton batik prints are used for the first section of blocks in this double binding rag rug. The graph paper pattern hangs with the weaving draft in a plastic page holder on the end of the loom for quick reference.

I have the end in mind, and this may turn out to be my favorite rag rug ever! (Have I said that before?) It is true that my favorite thing to weave is usually that which is currently on the loom…

Double binding rag rug on the loom.
Tape measure hangs on the right end of the weaving bench. This tape measure records inches and centimeters. I use both imperial and metric units, depending on what I am measuring.

The Maker of heaven and earth is mindful of you. Cherishes you as his favorite. I know that seems incredible; but as a weaver, I understand it. When you create, you care about the process and the results. As the ones created, we find ourselves in his story. The living Creator God invites us to himself. So, we come to his studio to meet the Mastermind behind the marvelous creations.

May your hands find favorite things to make.

Happy Weaving,

4 thoughts on “Weaving Favorites

  1. Karen –

    Your rug is beautiful.One of the things I like about weaving is mindfulness. I find that the zen of weaving happens when I am mindful of the design I am weaving. As I concentrate on the pattern, I find myself totally “lost” in the process and nothing else matters.

    1. Hi Nancy,
      I appreciate hearing your thoughts! Getting “lost” in the process is one of the things I enjoy about weaving.


  2. Thanks, Karen,
    I needed that. What a beautiful way to describe our relationship with HIM. Even though I live alone I am not alone. HE is with me. I found myself in a ceramic studio for many hours alone to finish a project. No music available in the studio. I asked the LORD for music to encourage and to keep me company through the night.. HE did. Praise and Worship songs ran through my head all night long and into the morning, and not one repeated. I was immersed in the moment and in the design. Peace and creativity flowed. It was HIS creativity and talent. I give HIM all the credit. I imagine the LORD is fashioning me to become who HE wants me to be. . .refining the design/ the plan HE has for me. I am HIS work of art being refined.

    1. I’m touched by your story. It’s always fascinating to see how personal the Lord is as He fashions each one of us.

      Thanks for sharing,

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