Double-Binding Is My Framework for Floor Art

I can make an ordinary rug. But it’s more exciting to weave something extraordinary. That’s what I like about making rag rugs. I can infuse them with beautiful patterns and colors. Double binding, in particular, gives me a useful framework for my “floor art.”

Double binding is a framework for creating art for the floor.

The thing I like about double binding is the way two consecutive wefts overlap and interchange in the shed. As the blocks change, the weft on top and the weft underneath change places. Most double-binding rugs, including the ones I have made previously, are simple checkerboard designs. The threading pattern you see here has significantly more block changes than usual. What began as a “what if?” has opened up a new dimension of rag-rug weaving for me! This opens the door to extraordinary.

Each row has two interchanging wefts.
Red stripe is the mid point for this double-binding rag rug bath mat.

God made you for purpose. It’s no accident that you are endowed with certain skills. When our skills and desires merge in meaningful ways, we enjoy a sense of purpose. Whether it’s weaving, singing, or growing seeds, do what you were made to do. And let all you do point to the glory of your Maker. When he made you, he had extraordinary in mind!

May you live out the purpose for which you were made.

Happy Weaving,

8 thoughts on “Double-Binding Is My Framework for Floor Art

  1. I absolutely love your rugs… and this one is magnificent…
    One of the treasures of having an old. cloth inventory (great fabric, just not what I do these days) is that they can be turned to awesome use as rugs… will you tell us more about the shuttles you are using. I have not seen this before…need to be more observant! Thanks, always.

    1. Hi Bethany, Thanks for your encouraging feedback!
      I use ski shuttles for weaving rag rugs. These shuttles are made by Glimåkra, which I like because they have a slender profile, more so than some other ski shuttles I’ve seen.

      All the best,

  2. This is beautiful! I love double binding and that will be my next project. When this is finished, would you show us both sides as I always love to see the opposite side of double bind?

    1. Hi Maggie, I’m glad to hear you enjoy double binding, too! Sure thing, I’ll show both sides when this is finished. Thanks for the reminder. I don’t always think of showing the opposite side.


  3. A lovely rug, Karen. Can you recommend a good reference for more information about weaving double binding? Thank you.

  4. Beautiful. Double binding is going to be explored.
    Now the weaving focus is 4 seasons rag rugs. Fall and winter are done. Spring is waiting until the experimental garden is in.

    Last week I visited my aunt. She has a collection of rag rugs on her floors that always impress. Mid century. Done by a farm wife in the Pulaski area. I’ve seen rosepath in white sheets.

    This time was an Ms and Ws in a scrap of no pattern. Everyday beautiful home linens.

    Please keep sharing your contemporary interpretations.

    1. Hi Nannette, I have two of my grandmother’s rag rugs, made by a local weaver in small town, Missouri. Probably mid-century or older. They are beautiful plain weave. Beautiful, useful textiles – something I never get tired of.

      All the best,

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