Tapestry Diary Mistake and Remedy

If you must be in a hurry, then you probably won’t enjoy handweaving. Your hurry up condition will be put to the test even more so with tapestry weaving. And when you make mistakes, the errors can usually be remedied, but it always takes more time. Have patience.

Back of finished small tapestry.
Small tapestry is finished when close inspection reveals a critical omission–there is no twining at the bottom edge of the weaving.

I meant to have this piece finished two months ago, but that’s another story. Now that I have finally woven the last pick I am so eager to take the tapestry off the frame. Wait a minute. What? I forgot to do the twining at the beginning of the tapestry? The twining is essential; it keeps¬†the weft in place when the warp tension is relaxed. Okay, have patience, Karen. Do what needs to be done.¬†Add the twining.

Twining added at bottom of small tapestry.
With little space in which to manipulate threads, the accidentally omitted twining is added in.
Twining added at bottom of small tapestry.
Added twining is pushed into place at the bottom of the small tapestry.
Small tapestry diary. Karen Isenhower
Finished view. Now that the added twining makes a pleasant oultine, I like how the tapestry looks on the frame loom. I may leave it on the frame one more day.

Patience is a virtue. What do you do when your patience is put to the test? Especially with important life issues. Trust in the Lord and be still. Waiting patiently is better than fretting. Is it possible the Lord has some finishing work to do in us, requiring patience, before we move on to the next assignment?

May you find errors while they are still fixable.