Tools Day: Hand-Carved Stamps

I need only a few simple shapes to stamp the warp. Fortunately, my woodcarver husband agreed to make the wooden stamps for me. Steve asked me to draw the shapes on white paper, and said he would take care of the rest. The result? Superb wooden stamps for making painted designs on the warp while it is on the loom.

Carving wooden stamps for warp stamping.

Carving wooden stamps for warp stamping.

Supplies for stamping the warp on the loom.

Stamped warp.

May you be the recipient of hand-crafted love.


3 thoughts on “Tools Day: Hand-Carved Stamps

    1. Probably too late as I just found your site but what the heck…oh yes I could use those wood stamps. If I’m too late thanks for sharing your husbands talent with some lucky person.

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