What If it Is Not as You Expected?

The stamped fabric print is subtle and ethereal. The print goes through to the reverse side, too, which shows that the color is saturating the threads. Thankfully, there is more than just surface color, which means I can expect the woven-in print to last for the life of the fabric.

Printed warp on the loom.
View from below the woven fabric. The face of the fabric is seen rolling onto the cloth beam.

I had hoped for brighter colors, but with this fabric paint the intensity of color fades as the paint dries. And then, when the weft crosses the print it reduces the brightness even more, of course. That said, I am not disappointed. It is different from what I expected, but it will still make a pretty tiered skirt.

Stamped warp on the loom.
Stamped warp is transformed as it crosses the fell line.

Prayer can be different from what we expect, too. Believing and praying brings amazing results. It’s not always the results we had in mind, though. The truly amazing thing is this: The prayers of believing people are somehow combined with the power of God to bring about his will. It’s his good will that gets printed deep into the fabric of our lives.¬†Disappointment gives way to thankfulness as we see results over time that are more than just color on the surface.

May your disappointments be few.

With you,

4 thoughts on “What If it Is Not as You Expected?

  1. It’s quite beautiful. Have you thought about weaving a bit more warp faced if you want to keep the color more saturated? Not totally warp faced but a bit, using a very thin weft so you keep the drape of the finished fabric.

  2. Hi Karen!

    This is just beautiful, I love the fact that it is subtle flowers. I wasn’t sure how it would look from your first post about it but came out great! Can’t wait to see your skirt!

    1. Thanks, Liberty! I still have quite a bit of yardage to weave, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it works for the skirt I have in mind.


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