Rickrack Rag Rug Hemming Video

Hemming a rag rug may be easier than you think. I have used my classic Bernina sewing machine to hem rag rugs; but now, I hem many of them by hand. It’s easier and faster than I once thought. I plan the rug’s hem into the weaving, using half-width fabric strips for the hem area, and end it off with 1 cm of a warp thread heading. After cutting off the rug, I secure and trim the warp ends. There’s only one thing left to do. Hem the rug! (Start with¬†Tools Day: Rag Rug Finishing Video¬†if you haven’t seen it yet.)

Weaving the hem on a rag rug. Video about hemming.
Hem is woven with fabric strips, doubled, cut 1 cm wide. This rug has a 6 cm hem, plus the warp thread heading, that will be folded under and stitched.

Tools and supplies

  • Steam iron
  • Long straight pins
  • Rug warp to match the rug (mine is Bockens 12/6 cotton seine twine)
  • Blunt tapestry needle

Rickrack rag rug. Video tutorial about hemming rag rugs.
Kitchen mat is embellished with woven thin stripes that give the impression of rickrack. It makes me think of rickrack-trimmed dresses my mother made for me when I was a little girl. (See Simplest Rag Rug Stripe to learn how the rickrack stripes are made.)

May you enjoy the work of your hands.

Happy hemming,

7 thoughts on “Rickrack Rag Rug Hemming Video

    1. Hi Debbie, I’m glad you found the video helpful. Yes, fringe isn’t always the best option for a rug. I like the tidy look of a hem.


  1. Karen, that was a beautiful and helpful video. The photography and lighting were as excellent as the content was. Thank you for sharing this method of hemming a rag rug.

    1. T.W., I appreciate your kind words. I have to give credit to my husband, Steve. He sets up the lighting and does the filming, and I do the editing. It’s something we enjoy doing together.


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