Hint of Shadows

I hope this isn’t cheating, but I added a teeny bit of embroidery to the finished bluebonnets. One thing I learned with this transparency is that an image that looks flat can be improved with a hint of shadows.

Woven transparency just off the loom!
Cutting off! First moment of seeing the entire finished transparency from the front.
Woven transparency just off the loom.
Wide casing at the top and bottom of the bluebonnet transparency make it easy to hang for display. I envision it hanging from a stripped and polished cedar rod, harvested from our Texas hill country property.

I’m thankful for my husband’s artful eye. He helped me identify the “off-screen sunlight” that would produce natural shadows. I am adding a few darker stitches to the right-hand side of some of the lighter areas, and a touch at the sides and lower end of the flower stems. My hope is to give the picture a bit more depth.

Embroidery added to finished woven transparency.
A single strand of mora wool in a darker shade is used to embroider some outline stitches on the right side of some of the bluebonnet petals.

Shadows tell us something: There is a light source. Find out where the light is coming from. That is what it’s like for those seeking God. There are shadows everywhere you look. We see the shadows–the effects of a shining light. And we want to find the source.

Texas Bluebonnets transparency. Karen Isenhower
Hint of shadows helps give shape to the otherwise flat transparency.

Go on a search and exploration expedition. Start with small shadows that you see, the circumstances and blessings that hint at an outside light source. Such seekers may discover that God is just off-screen, waiting to be found.

May you follow where the shadows lead.

With joy,

18 thoughts on “Hint of Shadows

  1. Karen, this piece looks like it was great fun to weave. Flowers and plants are so inspiring as is linen. Always enjoy your posts.
    Just back from a week of flax/linen processing, spinning and weaving at Vavstuga. Pure magic!

    1. Hi Sara Jeanne, it’s great to hear from you! I love flowers and plants, but I don’t have my mother’s green thumb, so this is one way I can enjoy growing my own flowers. 🙂

      Your flax/linen week at Vavstuga sounds delightful!!

      Happy weaving,

    1. Hi Karen, Oh yes, I know what you’re talking about. I’ve taken artistic license to “adjust” a booboo. That’s part of the process, right?

      Thanks for the very kind compliment!

  2. It is Beautiful Karen…..I often add a touch of embroidery to my tapestries……its allowed and enhances the finished piece. Happy weaving – I love your articles…Thank you….

    1. Hi June, I am so glad to hear that some embroidery is allowed. I can see how a touch of embroidery could enhance a tapestry, too. I hadn’t thought of that…

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!
      Happy weaving,

    1. Hi Liberty, From what I’ve seen, you are quite accomplished yourself! We all learn with practice and patience, don’t we? I still have SO MUCH to learn. It’s sweet to be on the learning journey with friends.

      Happy weaving, and thank you so much for your kindness toward me,

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