Biggest Challenge of Weaving a Pictorial Tapestry

Lucia grasps Ari’s plump wrist as they bravely inch a step closer to the rabbit hutch. For them, it’s a step of faith. Sugar Pie, the bunny, is wide-eyed at their approach. You’ll see the bunny later in the weaving of this pictorial tapestry.

Detail of a pictorial tapestry in progress.
Lucia’s tiny thumbnail is on top of Ari’s hand. Contrast in skin color is exaggerated to make the two arms distinct from each other.
Color gradation in a new large tapestry.
Five shades of orange/red butterflies are used to make the fabric of Lucia’s orange shirt.

It is a huge challenge to work on one element, like the hands, while not being able to see it in the context of the whole picture. The row-by-row weaving is an act of faith. I peer through the wrong end of the binoculars, and stand on a chair to take pictures. And I’m reassured about the outcome. It’s not blind faith. It’s a series of carefully reasoned and thought-out steps.

Gaining a higher perspective.
Gaining a higher perspective by standing on a chair.

We see only a small slice of life at a time. Where do my day-to-day threads fit in the context of the big picture of a lifetime? Grace is amazing! Grace is unearned good favor. Grace is a final tapestry that makes sense of all the wanderings. Grace is good favor extended by God to all who trust Jesus. So, with God’s grace we walk by faith, with carefully reasoned and thought-out steps. And we extend grace at every opportunity, holding the wrist of our fellow adventurer to walk by faith together.

"Siblings" tapestry.
Siblings tapestry, work in progress.

Grace is amazing.

May your life make a difference.


10 thoughts on “Biggest Challenge of Weaving a Pictorial Tapestry

  1. So beautifully said, Karen! I love the way you reflect your faith through the creativity of your mind and heart and hands.! And your efforts reflect so much faith…as this project requires! But do be careful, standing on a chair! I have a friend who just took a tapestry weaving class and is enamored! I have shared your website with her…and I know she will appreciate your progress! Love to read how you weave your faith into these messages! Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. Hi Karen,

    Use it or lose it. Stand on the table too!!

    More inspiration!

    Adorable chubby wrists and hands. Gorge grandma. Gorge.

    Drove through 2 hours lake Michigan fog today. Muted colors. The bright colors of your weaving are welcome.

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