Preview of Puckers

Like sunrays rippling on the horizon at dawn. That’s how I think of this emerging cloth. I am hopeful that the ripples we see now will become all-over puckers when this is finished. I am filled with joyful anticipation!

Preview of puckers. Warp is 22/2 cottolin and 20/2 cotton. Weft is 16/1 linen and 16/2 cotton. Differential shrinkage is what I hope to achieve.

However… This is not an effortless weave. This is double-width weaving in a very fine sett. And, 6 ends per dent, no less. I have simple 1-2-3-4 treadling, but the 20/2 cotton warp threads are relentlessly hugging each other. Consequently, I am clearing the shed with the back of my fingers again and again. I expect to have floats to repair when this “sunrise” fabric comes off the loom. With the end in mind, I patiently keep at it. It will be glorious in all its puckers. I am sure of it.

Double-width weaving is double weave that is open on one side and closed on the other side. Finished cloth will unfold and open up to be a small tablecloth.

Every dawn brings the reality of a new day. Every sunrise reveals the glory of God. Night always turns into morning. With the end in mind, our Lord patiently, kindly, gently, opens the shed in our lives again and again. As he loosens our grip on things of this world we get a preview of the glorious fabric he has in mind, puckers and all. In the full light of the risen Son, we can see the love in our Grand Weaver’s hands.

May you catch the sunrise as often as possible.

Hopefully yours,

12 thoughts on “Preview of Puckers

    1. Hi Beth, Thanks for your well wishes. It will be really nice if there are no (or very few) repairs after all.

      All the best,

  1. This is an awesome weave! I’m also looking forward to seeing it finished. And thank you for your constant witness to God in our lives. I appreciate and am blessed by your posts each week.

  2. “In the full light of the risen Son, we can see the love in our Grand Weaver’s hands.”
    Thank you for those words today.
    Take care

    1. Good morning Karen,
      So, that’s what sunlight looks like. It’s beautiful.

      April in the north has been dove grey and snow white. Also beautiful.

      I’ve heard whispered, Heaven has colors not imagined. Wow!

  3. Gorgeous fabric and beautiful weaving. Yes it does require patients with a sticky warp, whether it is sett close together or it is mohair. Clearing the shed is sometimes very soothing to our souls.
    Enjoy your piece. Beautiful sunlight.

    1. Hi Laura, Thanks for the sweet reminder to appreciate every part of this weaving journey. Clearing the shed is an important part of that.

      Thank you,

  4. As always, your work is so beautiful, your words so uplifting and timely.

    Thank you for sharing.


    1. Hi Mary, It’s my desire to share things that are uplifting, so your thoughtful comment means a lot to me.

      All the best,

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