Spreading Two Warps at Once

I am spreading this warp (two warps, actually) at the worktable. One warp is 22/2 cottolin, with a narrow selvedge border of 16/2 cotton. The other warp is 20/2 cotton. This intriguing double-width project is in the Nr.3 – 2021 issue of Väv MagazineWinnie’s Linen-Cotton Crinkly Tablecloth, by Winnie Poulsen, p.52. Despite some intrepidation, I am jumping in!

Spreading 2 warps for a double-width project.
First warp has been pre-sleyed, and the loops are held in place on the cloth beam tie-on bar. Now spreading the second warp, and placing both warps’ loops on the long stick in front.

Coordinating two warps onto a single tie-on bar is tricky business. The last time I did the two-warp maneuver at the loom I nearly lost a lease cross and my sanity. The advantage of pre-sleying these warps at the table is that everything is secure. Nothing is teetering. At the worktable I can clearly see what to do for each step. Within minutes, I’m hopeful that this adventure will indeed be worth it. (Pre-sleying a warp on the table is expertly explained in Learning to Warp Your Loom, by Joanne Hall, pgs.19-20.)

Two warps for one double-width project.
Second stick holds both warps’ loops.
Spreading two warps in the reed.
Tie-on bar slides in and warps’ loops are secured by tying a string from one end to the other.
Getting ready to weave some differential shrinkage!
Extra stick is removed. Two warps, each with its own set of lease sticks, have been spread in the reed. No mishaps along the way!
Glimakra Julia ready for a new fun warp!
Warp bouts are in the basket. The two sets of lease sticks, the reed, and the cloth beam tie-on bar sit on top. We’re ready to beam this warp on the Julia!

Spreading a warp (or two) is a lot like spreading hope. We come to the Lord Jesus weary, having tried hard to make things work on our own. He welcomes us with open arms and reveals the time-tested way of trusting him, one step at a time. Now, like threads being sleyed across the dents of a reed, threads of hope spread throughout our being. The threads are secured. Come weary; receive rest; spread hope.

May you be ignited with hope.

Your friend,

8 thoughts on “Spreading Two Warps at Once

  1. Hi Karen,
    You’re a brave soul! Do both sets of lease sticks remain in place while weaving?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Pam, I do like a good challenge. So far, this process has been straightforward and not too difficult. Yes, I will leave both sets of lease sticks in place while weaving.

      All the best,

  2. Good morning Karen,
    Yet another weaving technique I did not realize existed. Blows,my mind.

    Before my mother-in-law passed 30 years ago this month. A long time ago. A blink of an eye. She gave me some things stored in her attic. One of the handwoven pieces by HER mother now covers our dining room chairs.

    The other ‘gift’ were 7 crocheted hexagons pieced in the Ohio star pattern. The unfinished blanket made it through the downsizing and move of 2020. It is now being finished. A baby blanket for her great-granddaughter expected in May.

    My niece was a babe in arms 30 years ago in Northern Michigan My mother-in-law trusted me to finish this. God made sure it did for this babe being born in Ohio.

    Crocheted diamond pieces do not go together as precisely as woven fabrics. It will take gallons of steam to block this acrylic 4-ply to flat. The patience of Job has been called upon to weave all the ends into the blanket. Yet, this is being finished because of trust and love.

    May God bless us all.

  3. I hope that you will show us the results of this challenging project. Thanks for sharing your preparations.

    1. Hi Joanne, You can count on it. I will certainly show the results of this project. I’m excited to put it on the loom. Thanks for your interest.


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