One-Repetition Rag Rug

I want to weave two floor runners for a specific location in our home. I could do some figuring and guessing. Instead, I am weaving one repetition of this spaced rep rag rug. Now, I have a reference point. All I have to do is measure and see how many repetitions to weave for the length I need. Measuring removes the guesswork. Let the runners begin!

Spaced rep rug warp, right before cutting off the preliminary sample.
Rug is ready to be hemmed.
Hand hemming the rug with 12/6 cotton warp thread.

May you remove the guesswork where possible.

Happy Weaving,

9 thoughts on “One-Repetition Rag Rug

  1. I love these rep rugs. Your pattern is so nice and the colors just right. I really like the bit of weft color you put in on the beginning and the end. You are a great designer.

  2. karen i love this rug. i have been trying to find drafts for this. i was signed up for monica hallen’s classat vavstuga for 2 years, and she came this year and i am no longer able to travel to massachusetts. i can look at the books i have on it but don’t really understand because it is in swedish. if you could steer me in a direction i would appreciate it. ellen

    1. Hi Ellen, If you have Älskade Trasmattor, by Hallgren and Hallén I think the draft will make sense to you, even though it is in Swedish. I use Google translate to help with some of the Swedish words.

      All the best,

  3. I really like rep weaves. So many possibilities. So this is one repetition of your design and the for the runners, you’ll just repeat?

    1. Hi Maggie, You are exactly right. I will repeat this one repetition for the runners. I plan to use a different color weft (fabric strips) for each repetition.

      I agree that rep weaves have endless possibilities. That’s why I like it, too.


  4. Hi Karen,
    Thank you Maggie. I was thinking the pattern was extended to get the desired length. Resulting in a stretched out pattern.
    Nope. It is knowledge of the pattern size in the immediate woven materials. THAT dimension used to extrapolate out to the desired size.
    Must be the endless bounty from the garden requiring immediate processing and redirecting my thought process.
    We are personally blessed. We are also able to bless others with a local food bank that accepts fresh produce.

    1. Hi, Nannette, Yes, I will extrapolate the measurement of this one repetition to know how many repetitions are needed for the desired length.

      Have a great day,

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