Tie the Rug Warp Back On

I’m at fresh starting place. After finishing another double binding rag rug, I have tied the rug warp back on. I’m ready for a new variation in this rag rug series of block designs. Rug warp lets me stop and start. Cut off and tie back on. It’s as simple as that.

Hem at the end of the second rug is woven in plain weave with narrow fabric strips for weft.
Off the loom for a first glance.
Warp ends have been tied in knots and trimmed. Hand hemming fini\shes the rug.
Second rug of the series.
After tying the warp back on, I start the third rug in the series.

May your progress be observable over a span of time.

Happy weaving,

5 thoughts on “Tie the Rug Warp Back On

  1. Hi Karen, your weaving journey is inspiring and your blog always gives me ideas. Appropriately, the blog this week comes when I am returning from Vävstuga after two weeks of rag rug weaving with Monica Hallén. She is a treasure and she’s planning to return to Vävstuga next year.
    Thank you so much for sharing your process and your ideas with this weaving community.
    Sara Jeanne

    1. Hi Sara Jeanne, It’s good to hear from you! What a marvelous time you must’ve had. Monica Hallén is someone I would love to meet and learn from in person. Maybe next year!

      I’m thrilled that this post came at the right time for you.

      Happy Weaving,

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