What Will You Finish Weaving this Year?

I am this close to the end of the rug… This series of double-binding rag rugs has been super fun! The question is: What’s next? I think I can squeeze out one more (short) rug on the warp after this one. Will I be able to do the final cutting off before the year’s end? I’m going to try! But then, what after that? I have some ideas… Perhaps I’ll start a new pictorial tapestry on this Ideal.

Measurement tape shows how close this rug is to its final picks.
View under the breast beam shows the rug being rolled up on the cloth beam.
I never cease to be amazed at the possibilities of a weave structure as simple as four-shaft double binding.

We are this close to the end of the year. Is there a project you still hope to complete before this year’s end? Share what it is in the comments.

May you enjoy every moment.

Happy Weaving,

11 thoughts on “What Will You Finish Weaving this Year?

  1. Hi Karen,
    I too am finishing up a rug warp, which has been on my big loom a long time. It was there for a number of students who wanted to weave rugs. So, I am using some wool weft yarns that I have had stashed away for far too long. I am on my second and last one, which will be a very small rug and I am experimenting with laid-in colors. It has been fun.

    1. Joanne,
      I’ve got a book on rugs showing laid in techniques.

      Wonderful results that boggle my mind.

      Happy weaving.


  2. Following your rug adventure has spurred me to thinking of using my cut rags. In my last workshop with Joanne, I wove with more narrow rags. She pointed out that as I “age”, the flatter to the floor a rug, the less likely I might be to stumble. Wise words from a wise soul.

    1. Hi Charlotte, I never ever get tired of weaving rag rugs. Using thinner strips is great advice. My strips are usually about 3/4″. I like the way the thinner strips compact together well in the rug.

      Happy weaving,

  3. Hi Karen,

    What I want to complete by the end of the year… is a loaded question.

    Weaving may happen. I need to complete the red/white/blue rag rug for the 2023 county fair veteran’s raffle. It’s the last of a warp threaded up in 2021.

    But first I need to make my titanium knee and original muscles work together. Progress is being made. Not quickly enough for me.

    My sewing and weaving projects wait until I am more comfortable doing steps down to the work areas, and physical therapy is over. Enough whining!!!

    I look forward every week to your shared projects.

    Thank you.


  4. My finishing has nothing to do with weaving. I’m working on finishing ornaments for my grandchildren, daughter and son and friends. I’ve been making ornaments for my grandchildren since they were born. The two of the six are now 30 and the rest are in their 20’s. I must admit my making has been getting nice but a little more simpler to do as I grow older. I have decided that the great grandchildren of which there are two will get a personalized ornament with their first name engraved on it. Another great is due in 2023. The “greats” ornaments have been bought.

    I have several projects on my looms and look forward to returning to them.
    I’m thankful for your gifts that you share with us. Blessings to you and yours.

    1. Linda, Your love for family is as beautiful a legacy as your handmade and personalized ornaments you give out. Your looms can wait u til you’re ready.

      Blessings to you,

  5. Good morning Karen, as always you inspire us to get focused on our weaving adventures. I have a rosepath threading on my loom presently and will be finishing up a rug for a dear friend using rag strips cut from her dearly departed husband’s cotton shirts. It’s been a tender and thoughtful journey as I remember him wearing these very shirts.
    Sara Jeanne

    1. Good morning, Sara Jeanne, I’m touched by your compassionate heart for your friend. What a treasured rosepath rug of memories you are weaving.

      Thanks for sharing,

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