A Different Kind of Band Music

The musician in me sees this band loom as another stringed instrument! My left hand passes the shuttle back and forth. My feet change the sheds by stepping on the treadles. My right hand beats in the weft with the band knife. PassTugStep— whack-Whack. OneTwoThree— and-Four. The two treadles operate with a simple pulley system, so they are always in sync with each other, keeping thisĀ instrument moving. Like the treadles, grace and peace are two elements that operate together to create harmony in our lives.

Colorful band woven on two-treadle band loom.
Doubled thick threads make a raised pink dot down the center of the band. Variegated threads combined with solid colors create a gradually changing color palette in the background threads.

We all long for grace and peace, don’t we? Grace, meaning forgiveness when we mess up; and peace, meaning freedom from anxiety. Why, then, do we avoid grace, thinking we should just try harder not to mess up? And we attempt to create peace by filling our longing with things that will not satisfy.

When grace and peace from our creator have their place in our lives, we experience the sweet harmony of the soul. Satisfied, with his grace and peace wrapped around us like an exquisite shawl, we stand ready for the music of the day.

May grace and peace from our creator envelop you.

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