Always in Reach

A long strap on this thread cutter enables me to wear it around my neck. I used a long inkle band for the strap and a short narrow woven band for a connecting loop. This makes the thread cutter very handy; it is always in reach. I can’t drop it or misplace it.

Inkle and band loom woven bands put to use as strap for thread cutter.
Inkle band, woven with variegated crochet cotton thread. Narrow band woven on band loom forms the connecting loop.

Today I’m thinking about what it takes to be truly satisfied. If I am thirsty, a drink of water will satisfy me. But do I pay attention to the thirst that is deeper within? Inner thirst is satisfied with living water. Our creator is the source of living water and invites us to drink freely. Available, near by, accessible.

May you enjoy a nice, cool drink of refreshing water.