It Begins with a Warp Chain

I have new warp excitement! Having a new warp chain ready for the loom is much like coming into a season of gift giving. Every step of dressing the loom is like meticulously wrapping the gift, with some things completely hidden away. When the weaving begins, the gift is opened, little by little. The final unwrapping happens when the warp is cut from the loom, and all the delights are fully revealed.

Cottolin warp chain.
Cottolin warp chain ready for dressing the loom.
Spreading the warp, pre-sleying the reed.
Spreading the warp by pre-sleying the reed.
Beaming on a new cottolin warp.
Spread warp is ready to be beamed on.

Peace, grace, hope, and love. These are the gifts I wish for you, friend. These gifts are ready to be unwrapped! Watch the fabric develop before your eyes as you weave, and enjoy the wonder of opening the gifts.

May you receive gifts that are better than you expected.


6 thoughts on “It Begins with a Warp Chain

  1. Thanks for the great picture, I have never pre-sleyed the reed as I have always warped back to front. This shows exactly how to do that part of warping and I always love a new technique! We can never quit learning…

    1. Deb,

      I agree about learning! That’s one of the things I love about weaving. There’s always new things to learn.

      I call this back to front warping, too. How do you spread the warp?


  2. Hi Karen,

    That’s a nice-looking sleying hook. Is the handle comfortable? Where did you get it?

    I love your blog! Thank you for writing it.


    1. Hi Isabel,

      The handle of the sley hook fits nicely in my hand. It has a very nice weight balance, which makes it comfortable to use. I purchased it from

      I’m glad to hear you enjoy the blog. I write it for friends like you.

      Happy weaving,

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