Sweet Little Loom with a View!

Steve thought I should have another loom, so he used his carpentry skills to build a 27-inch Swedish-style four-shaft countermarch loom! It’s beautiful. It’s incredible! In preparation for retirement in a few years, we found a place in beautiful Texas hill country to call (our future) home. For now, it’s a place to gather with children and grandchildren on occasional weekends. And a place to put a sweet little loom.

Making weaving loom parts.
Making weaving loom parts.
Making weaving loom parts. Treadles.
Six treadles ready.
Putting the new little handbuilt loom together!
Final Touch. Tightening the cradles for the top of the hanging beater.
Maiden warp for a new sweet little loom.
Putting on the maiden warp of 12/9 cotton seine twine.
Ready to take the loom apart to move it.
Loom is ready to be disassembled. Warp is wrapped up on the warp beam. Blue duffel bags will hold all the loom parts except for the side frames and the beater, to be transported to the new location.

And it only gets better. We situated the petite loom by the corner windows in the living room. At the loom, I have the best seat in the house, with an amazing view of God’s creation. The loom tells me my husband knows me very well. And the view tells me the Lord knows me, too.

Loom with a view! Texas hill country.
Threading heddles while enjoying the hill country view!
Grandchildren, loom, view... heaven on earth!
Can there be a better setting? Grandchildren playing, loom, view…
Sweet little loom with a view!
Sweet little loom with a view! Heavenly!

None of us can come to God on our own terms. Not by our wisdom. Not by our strength. Only through humility do we find God. Humility opens our heart to God. That’s when we see how much He has done to get our attention to tell us He knows us and loves us. My special loom with a view is an example of what it’s like to be known and deeply loved.

May you know you are loved.