New Wash Cloths Out of Handwoven Remnant

My looms are all occupied, so it will be a while before I can weave some new wash cloths. In the meantime, I am making “new” wash cloths to replace the ones that we have used so much that we’ve worn holes in them. The pictures tell the rest of the story.

Linen wash cloths have been well loved and well used. Evidently, it is past time to make replacements. These will go in my remnants box and one day I’ll find a use for the parts that haven’t frayed.
Cotton warp, linen weft. This two-block twill was one of the first projects I ever wove on my beloved Glimåkra Standard first floor loom. I designed this fabric to make a Roman shade for our previous home. Parts of it are faded, but it is still beautiful, useable fabric. Perfect for a set of “new” washcloths.
For simplicity, I am using another washcloth to measure the size to cut for the “new” washcloths.
Cutting to size, taking into account seams on all four sides.
I probably should have pressed before cutting, but I didn’t think of it until now. The long narrow woven band was used for the pull cord on the Roman shades in our previous home. Perfect to pair with these washcloths for the hanging tabs.
First step for the mitered corners is to fold in the corner twice, and pin into place.
Second step for the mitered corners is to fold in the side hems twice and use quilters clips to hold in place.
Approximately 4 inches for each hanging tab. I zigzag the ends and then cut them apart.
Then I plan where the hanging tabs will go, testing how the cloth will hang.
Clip the hanging tabs into place.
Stitch the seams. At the mitered corner, I would like to have about four hands as I remove clips and hold things in place while I walk the presser foot around the corner. Whew!
Nearly perfect! Nobody needs to know these are secondhand Roman-shade wash cloths.
The new wash cloths are right at home between the other handwoven goods hanging on the bathroom wall.

Happy Weaving!