Tools Day: Lease Sticks

What can you do with a pair of flat beveled wood sticks, with a hole at each¬†end? Use them for lease sticks, of course! This is an example of efficient simplicity. By slipping these two sticks through the opening of the lease¬†cross made while winding a warp, and tying the ends of the sticks together, all the warp ends stay perfectly in order throughout the process of dressing the loom. After beaming the warp, with the warp still under tension, I tie the back lease stick to the back beam. Then, when threading the heddles, I simply take each thread in order by going to the cross in between the two lease sticks and picking up the next thread. I always weave with the lease sticks in. I don’t remove them until the end of the warp comes over the back beam.

Pairs of lease sticks, various lengths.
I keep several lengths of lease sticks on hand. Some were purchased from Glimakra, and some were fashioned by my skilled hubby.
Striped cotton warp for tea towels. Lease sticks tied to back beam.
Striped warp threaded and ready to weave cotton tea towels. Pair of lease sticks are tied together at the ends with choke ties, and back lease stick is tied to back beam.
8/2 linen warp ready for threading.
Linen warp is ready for threading. Lease sticks are tied together at the ends, and secured to the back beam. This warp is for another rya project.
Threading 8/2 linen warp. Lease sticks show which thread is next.
Threading the last grouping of threads in this 8/2 linen warp. The lease sticks separate the threads in a way that clearly shows which thread is next.

May you encounter simplicity in your creative process.

Happy Weaving,