Tools Day: Teeny Tiny Temple

What if you start weaving a project and realize your smallest temple is too big? And that your smallest temple is the smallest one they make. I am aware that most people do not use a temple for something this narrow, 16.7 cm/6.5 in. width in the reed, but this is a rag rug. A miniature rosepath rag rug. And draw-in is inevitable, which leads to weaving headaches like broken selvedge warp ends. A temple helps prevent all that.

Smallest temple is too big. How I solved this dilemma.
Smallest Glimåkra temple is two inches wider than my weaving width.

I have seen makeshift temples that I could try, but my genius husband has a better idea. Why not cut down my little temple to the size I need? So he takes the tiny temple out to his workshop in the garage and turns it into a teeny tiny temple! (He does this knowing full well that I will need to replace the temple being cut.)

Cutting a temple down to make a teeny tiny temple.
Measure twice; cut once. Steve marks his cutting lines on the original temple parts.
Small temple is cut down to teeny tiny size.
Happy with the first cut, Steve is now ready to let the second piece meet the saw blade.
Small temple is cut down to teeny tiny size. It works!
Once cut apart, we wonder if a temple this tiny will work? Will there be enough length for the pieces to pivot as needed? There’s one way to find out…

Perfect! It works! And holes for the locking pin line up, too!

Teeny tiny temple in place on miniature rag rug. (6 1/2")
Teeny tiny temple does its job. Yay!
Start of a mini rosepath rag rug. Karen Isenhower
Start of a miniature rosepath rag rug.

Mini rosepath rag rug in the making.

May you cut your problems down to size.

A little weaving,

7 thoughts on “Tools Day: Teeny Tiny Temple

  1. You have a real sweet husband. I enjoy reading your blog. Something positive that gives me a little lift every day. Keep up the good work.


    1. Hi Nancy,
      I am very thankful for my sweet husband. And I’m thankful for your encouragement! I’m so glad to have you in the journey with me.


  2. Karen: maybe this is the time to spread your wings and fly? Your warp is so small I’m sure you can manage no pull in. I know the Rose Path is a leap…just ditch the stretcher. maybe at the end of the rug on leftovers? Trust…it will work. Your technical skills are all A’s I believe in you. Just let go of the “Blankie” and step off. I BELIEVE IN YOU, linda

    1. Hi Linda,
      Your confidence in my ability is very heartwarming! I do like my tools. 🙂

      I can sew a straight seam on my sewing machine without using straight pins to hold the pieces together, but I use the pins because they are tools that help me focus on other sewing skills. I don’t have to think about the fabric shifting out of place. I see the temple as a similar tool. I can weave without it, but using the temple enables me to “forget” about that part and focus on other weaving skills. With rugs in particular, the temple helps me get very tight selvedges, which I consider the mark of a high quality rug. Even Jason Collingwood said he wouldn’t dream of weaving a rug without a temple.

      But, actually, you are right. With this narrow width, I really could weave it without a temple. 🙂

      1. WoW. that 60″ temple requires a 5’2” or more arm span. Either you’re tall, have a sliding bench , or are using a flying shuttle? I’m old, 5’5″ and am not comfortable reaching beyond 42″. linda

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