Below the Warp

Important things are happening below the warp on my eight-shaft countermarch loom. Eight upper lamms, eight lower lamms, and eight treadles beneath the lamms are at work. Shaft cords connect shafts to lamms. Treadle cords connect lamms to treadles. When the loom is all tied up, stepping on a treadle raises some shafts and lowers others, making it possible to send the weft across in a shuttle. And weaving happens.

Countermarch loom tie-up.
Heddles line up like soldiers, holding each warp end in place. Shaft cords reach down from the lower shaft bars and are attached to the upper lamms with little Texsolv anchor pins.
Tying up Glimakra Standard countermarch loom.
Treadle cords hang loose from the upper and lower lamms, each cord in its proper position.

Everything below the surface matters. When you start weaving, it won’t take long to see if all the connections work. When everything behind the reed and underneath the warp is set up properly, you can expect a pleasant weaving experience.

Tying up countermarch treadles.
Treadle cords reach down to the treadles to finish the line of connections. Cords are threaded onto a sharpened dowel beneath the treadle to hold the cords in place.

Joy is evidence of what is happening below the surface. You can see joy on the face of someone who looks to the Lord and trusts in Him. Joy is more than a smile. It’s a radiance that starts on the inside. Trusting in the Lord produces positive connections below the surface. That deep trust is formed through life’s most difficult moments– joy that is cultivated there endures. Like weaving on a countermarch loom, joy depends on true connections.

May you have reasons to smile.

Joyful Weaving,

2 thoughts on “Below the Warp

  1. Hi Karen,
    “….that deep trust is formed through life’s most difficult moments-joy that is cultivated there endures” I’ve found that to be true as well.
    ….the joy of the Lord is my strength (Neheniah 8:10)
    I found your blog doing a Google search for, hand woven plain weave and loop rug. Your blog encourages me to keep learning & growing in my weaving & in my faith. Thank you for posting…..I will look forward reading your archives & to future posts.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Welcome! It’s good to have you along! Thank you for the reminder that the joy of the Lord is our strength.

      Happy Weaving,

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