Those Little Heddle Eyes

Threading heddles on eight shafts requires a different approach than my usual four-shaft routine ( You Can Prevent Threading Errors). With four shafts, the heddles fit nicely between my five fingers. I would need nine fingers on my hand to thread eight shafts in the same manner. The important thing is that every warp end gets inserted through the correct heddle. I have to position my loom bench and adjust the height of the shafts. I need to be able to see and feel the heddle eyes …all the way to the back shafts. I take the warp ends in strict order, as they lay in the lease sticks, and insert each one through the correct heddle.
Threading eight shafts. Glimakra Standard loom.
Warp ends, threaded in pairs, go through heddle eyes in a specific order.
Threading an eight-shaft block twill.
Threading is complete for this eight-shaft block twill.
It can be a struggle to find that little heddle eye on the first shaft, way at the back, but you keep at it until you find it. Temptation is a trap, and we all get caught. There is a way out. All the warp ends have a way out…through the heddles. Look for the exit that God provides. And then run through it. You’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time. And the need for explanations and excuses is gone. With the warp threading completed, we know our Grand Weaver is ready to weave something marvelous.
May your threading errors be few.

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