Two Short Rugs Finish the Warp

Two short rugs finish off this warp. One has a treadling sequence that produces a delightfully different pattern; and the other one has fabric strips for weft, making it a rag rug. I am scheduled for back surgery this week, so I have been working hard (a few minutes at a time) to get this project off the loom. I know I am facing some new limitations in the coming weeks.

Stringyarn weft for 8-shaft block twill rug.
New treadling sequence. Stringyarn weft makes a well-defined pattern.
Rag rug in an 8-shaft block twill. Karen Isenhower
Fabric strips, cut 2cm (3/4″) wide, are used for the weft. The intriguing pattern in the weave structure is more subtle with print fabric than with the stringyarn weft.
Time for cutting off! 8-shaft block twill rugs.
Time for cutting off!

Pain and weakness heighten our understanding of what truly matters. Faith, family, friends. The Lord, Himself, is a safe place for those who come to him for shelter. When we are feeble, he directs our hearts to a place of strength. He invites us into the protective shelter of his mighty and loving presence. You’ll find me resting there. And don’t be surprised to see a portable loom in my hands before too long.

May your heart be at rest.


PS I have prepared and scheduled my Quiet Friday post in advance so you won’t have to miss the unrolling of these eight-shaft block twill rugs!

30 thoughts on “Two Short Rugs Finish the Warp

  1. The rugs are beautiful. Do exactly what the doctor says about recovery, It takes time. As some one with a bad back, learn to accept limitations. Plan good reading and hand work. Be patient with your recovery.

    You will be in my thoughts.

  2. You mentioned using 3/4″ wide fabric strips. Do you use them singly in the shed or doubled? I was trying it and with a plain weave rug it makes it too thin to call a “rug”. It made more of a table mat weight. Maybe if I try the twill rose path pattern it will turn out thicker. All the best with your surgery. I enjoy so much the spiritual insights here.

    1. Hi Lynette, I do use single 3/4″ wide fabric strips for most of my rugs. The rugs are lightweight, but because I firmly pack the weft, they are not flimsy. Most of my rugs have a sett of 8epi, but for this one I used a 35/10 metric reed, which is closer to 9epi (with doubled ends).

      You certainly can use 2 fabric strips for a thicker rug. Double binding rugs are naturally thicker because they have two layers woven together.

      Thank you so much for your kind well wishes!

  3. Prayers do surround you and your doctors for your surgery! May all go very well with your healing so that you may be able to weave your beautiful rugs again!

  4. prepare for ALOT of pain the first week, you’ll need help rolling over, then smooth sailing. I’ve been there 5x’s. God only gives us what we can take. She can test our limits tho’

    1. Dear Linda, I don’t expect it to be easy. It’s good to know I can look forward to smooth sailing after a short time.

      Thank you so much, friend,

  5. I will be holding you in the Light. Speaking from experience, when you get to that point, back surgery is well worth doing. You’ll feel a LOT better afterwards.

  6. Karen…again you touch me with the beauty of your weaving and your inspiration of faith. You will be in my prayers and thoughts. Please let us know, as you are able, how you are doing.


  7. Oh my dear friend, I will be prayin for your surgery and a very speedy recovery. Please take care of yourself, we all need your inspiration and loving words.

  8. You will be in my prayers for a good outcome from your surgery and a speedy recovery. Be sure you follow everything that they tell you to do after your surgery. Don’t overdo. Rest up. A portable loom is still soothing. You will be back with the big looms before you know it.

  9. Beautiful rugs, Karen! May your surgery go well, and may you soon be pain free. You can enjoy therapeutic tapestry weaving while your back heals. I’ll be thinking about you!

    1. Thank you so much, dear sweet D’Anne! Your kindness means a lot to me. I am looking forward to the quiet tapestry time I’ll have.


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