Looms Quietly Waiting

Merry Christmas Eve to you. Looms are quietly waiting to resume their rhythm. Meanwhile, songs of joy and hope fill the air because the Savior of the world is born.

Pictorial tapestry on Glimakra Standard loom. Only 6 cm remaining.
1. The Standard
Pictorial tapestry, with only 6 centimeters of the cartoon remaining.
Rosepath rag rug completed on the Glimakra Ideal loom.
2. The Ideal
Second rosepath rag rug completed. Two short rugs yet to be woven on this warp.
Wool handwoven scarves.
3. The Little Loom
First of two scarves is started. I am using the Stardust draft by Mona Nielsen, published in Happy Weaving, from Vävmagasinet, but with yarn and colors of my choosing.
Drawloom getting set up for weaving rag rugs with single unit drawloom.
4. The Drawloom
Warp is threaded and tied-on. Single-unit draw cords have been prepared. Next step: Attaching draw cords to pattern units. And then, tie up treadles and start weaving!

May your night be silent and holy, calm and bright.

Happy Holy-days,

17 thoughts on “Looms Quietly Waiting

  1. Glad your looms are waiting and that you are too, to enjoy this sacred, special holiday! Enjoy the peace and love and joy that only this Savior of ours can offer! God Bless you in this new year and Happy Weaving! 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas Karen,

    We celebrated my husband’s 1st annual birthday bonfire last night. Picture perfect snow cover in wausaukee. First time I was not able to blast up the snow covered driveway. A 4WD is in my future.

    Today is a travel day back to our other home in time to spend Christmas day with grandchildren. The snow was gone by Green Bay. Small price for being loved on by little people.

    My loom is silent. But, I am blessed to gorge on life this year.

    May you enjoy life away from your looms.


  3. Merry Christmas, Karen!
    Thanks you for creating this inspirational weaving blog and delighting us all year with your projects. May the blessings of our Lord be with you this holiday season as we celebrate our Savior’s birth!

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