Dressing the Standard Looks Like a Mess

It is my husband’s idea for me to make handwoven curtains for the windows in our newly renovated master bathroom. Now that I have had time to think about it, I think it’s a great idea. Fortunately, the yellow rug warp on the Glimåkra Standard is still sitting on the loom bench, so I am putting it aside temporarily in order to put this bathroom-curtains warp on the loom.

Winding a warp of 24/2 unbleached cotton.
Looks like a mess. Pre-sley the reed to spread the warp. Two sets of lease sticks. Narrow gray stripes of 16/2 cotton are inserted between the unbleached ends. Somehow, it all works out…
All the end loops are on the back tie-on bar, and ends from two lease sticks have been transferred to one set of lease sticks. Ready to beam the warp!
Just about set to beam.
My usual two-pound weights are just right for most of the warp bouts, but I need a one-pound weight (large coffee mug) for one smaller bout, and two 1/2-pound weights (tube of thread in a small bag) for the small bouts of gray warp ends. Whew! Is it all going to work??
Now…everything is ready!
It’s working. Just look at that beautiful warp!

I have 1,984 ends to thread and sley. Then, I will be weaving almost full width! It’s exciting!

May you gain order out of a mess.

Happy Weaving,


2 thoughts on “Dressing the Standard Looks Like a Mess

  1. Hm, I wonder how the warp from one set of leas3 sticks gets transferred to the other set. I must be missing something. Denice

    1. Hi Denice, Great question!

      I did not include pictures of transferring the lease sticks. After I put all the warp loops on the back tie-on bar, I transferred the lease sticks from in front of the reed to behind the reed. It was a tricky process, but I took it slow and very careful. I untied both pairs of lease sticks. Then I transferred the first lease stick with the unbleached warp ends AND the lease stick with narrow stripes that corresponded to that first lease stick onto a single lease stick behind the reed. I had to manipulate that new lease stick to “catch” the stripes in the right places. After that first tricky move, I then transferred the second lease stick of the pairs in the same way.

      Sound complicated? Well, yes. Truthfully, I wasn’t positive how it was all going to work out, but just concentrated on the outcome I wanted. That’s probably why I didn’t take any photos at the time. I was in deep concentration. I sure took a deep breath of relief when it all worked out. I have done this maneuver before, but it’s been quite a while, so I had to think my way through it.

      I think I thrive on this type of weaving challenge. It’s scary going through it, but pretty satisfying when you come out the other side. 🙂

      Happy weaving,

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