Textiles from The Philippines

Steve and I returned this week from travels to The Philippines. We had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving there with our son’s family in Makati. During our eleven-day visit, I encountered many examples of beautiful handwoven articles and other fascinating textile goods. It probably won’t surprise you that I tucked a few textile treasures in my suitcase to bring home with me. (Remember last year? Quiet Friday: Philippine Textiles)

Handwoven cotton towels from Sunday market in Makati, Philippines
Lovely cotton hand towels from Beth’s Loomweaving at the Makati Sunday Market.
Cotton towel detail shows green weft for stripes.
Detail of cotton towel shows that the darker stripes are created with green weft.
Variety of scarves and wraps from markets in The Philippines.
With an over-abundance of scarves and wraps to choose from (in bargain prices), I escaped with only these few. Some are for gifts; and some are for personal use. All are sources of design and color inspiration.
Example of backstrap weaving from Mindanao, Philippines.
Lightweight table runner or scarf was made by a weaver in Mindanao, the southernmost island of The Philippines. This exquisite example of backstrap weaving is made from very fine cotton, and is completely reversible.
Detail of backstrap weaving from Mindanao, Philippines.
Backstrap weaving detail reveals the intricacy of the tapestry-like design.
Traditional Filipino weave structure showcases pattern and color.
Pillow cover is well-planned and executed, showing striking color combinations in a traditional Filipino weave structure.
Detail of handwoven pillow cover from The Philippines.
Detail of pillow cover shows the pointillistic appearance of this weave.
Filipino bag woven from piña fibre.
Made from the leaves of a pineapple plant, piña fibre was used to weave this sturdy little open plain weave bag.
Detail of bag made from piña fibre.
Piña fibre has a natural luster.
Handwoven Elegant Filipino Table Runner
Not the expected mix of bright colors, this elegant table runner has black weft floats on a white warp of fine cotton. The traditional Filipino weave uses a multi-stranded black cotton (or cotton/poly blend) for the pattern, alternating with the fine white cotton threads for the tabby. This one-sided cloth, similar to overshot, has weft floats only on the top side.
Detail of weft pattern floats in traditional Filipino weave.
Detail of black and white table runner. The patterned black floats almost give the cloth the look and feel of cut velvet.
My very favorite treasures from our visit to The Philippines.
My very favorite treasures from our visit to The Philippines.

May you find textile treasures in your travels.

PS Two more new rag rugs from my latest run of rugs are now in the Etsy shop, if you are interested. These two may be my favorite yet!

A little jet lagged,