Weaving with Friends

Welcome back into my studio. I have been weaving, finishing, winding warps, and dressing looms. And spending time with friends. What better way to enjoy friends than to go on a floor-loom-weaving expedition together? Weaving Extravaganza at Homestead Fiber Crafts in Waco, Texas is the getaway. The looms are dressed and ready for us when we arrive. Abilities and experience are irrelevant. Anyone can do this!

From the projects available, I choose to weave a textured shawl. Keleen, a rigid heddle weaver (sitting at a floor loom this time), chooses to make fabric for an apron with a monksbelt border. Jan, who has never touched a loom until now, weaves natural-colored-cotton dish towels. Four hours pass in a flash, with weaving and camaraderie. We each complete our handwoven cloth. After returning home our fabrics are washed and finished, ready for use. My shimmering shawl is just right for a cool evening. Keleen’s fabric is soon to become an heirloom apron. And Jan’s first handwoven towels are drying dishes. Success!

Textured Shawl woven at Homestead Fiber Crafts.
Textured Shawl, mixed fibers, plain weave.
Textured Shawl woven at Homestead Fiber Crafts.
Golden yarn is used for weft stripes near the border.
Monksbelt apron fabric woven at Homestead Fiber Crafts.
Monksbelt apron fabric, cotton, plain weave and two-shuttle monksbelt pattern weave.
Natural colored cotton dish towels woven at Homestead Fiber Crafts.
Natural-colored-cotton dish towels, plain weave.
Natural Colored Cotton Dish Towels woven at Homestead Fiber Crafts.
Towels are made with all natural colors of cotton thread. This set uses a brown weft.

Abilities and experience come in all shapes and sizes. Anyone who wants to learn, can. Your heart goes in the direction you turn it. The Lord sees your heart. He’s not looking for ability or experience. He reaches the heart that is turned toward him. That’s where his grace comes to life.

May you have true friends.

Your friend,

16 thoughts on “Weaving with Friends

  1. I love the nubby texture of the shawl. The apron is beautiful and the towels classic. Great outing! And it looks like the husbands enjoyed the day as well.

    Welcome back, Karen!

    1. Hi Annie, The shawl looks and feels just right, and the apron and towels are impressive. The husbands had a good time, too!


  2. Your day looks so much like my weekly sessions at my studio where a group of friends come to weave together, have a planned pot-luck meal together and weave some more in the afternoon. Everyone tends to help each other with the warping and any weaving difficulties. Quite often we pick a project as a group and put enough warp on for everyone. It’s fun to rotate looms, since I have so many different kinds and sizes. They are starting to venture onto the big multi-shaft counterbalance loom and the Cranbrook and Glimakra Countermarche looms now. I love seeing how quickly they are growing in their knowledge and skill. I highly recommend weaving with friends!

  3. Beautiful weaving all around. Is it possible to know where I could buy the patterns for these projects! They are all stunning. I am a “kit girl” and not good at designing my own drafts so if patterns are available I would love to purchase
    As always ,an inspiring post!! Thank. You for the motivation…..

    1. Hi Ellen, The ladies at Homestead did a good job of setting up the projects. It was nice to have a good selection to choose from when we registered for the half day of weaving.


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