Process Review: Priceless Monksbelt and Video

Talk about exciting! When something has been on the loom this long it is indeed exciting when the back tie-on bar comes over the back beam. I finish weaving the final “bonus” towel. And then, I use up all the quills to make a little piece of scrap fabric (because scrap fabric is always better than leftover quills). And then! Then, I start my cutting-off checklist.

After all this time, the moment we’ve been waiting for is here!

After weaving a short scrap fabric with thread left on quills, it is time for cutting off the long monksbelt runner and two bonus towels.

I cut off the warp. And as I unroll the cloth, I am mesmerized by the tactile intricacy that passes through my fingers–Fårö wool for the pattern weft, and 16/2 cotton for slow-as-molasses weft rep ground cloth. Finishing proves to be the easiest and quickest part of this project. I like the crisp pristine state of the monksbelt runner, so I am not going to wet finish this article. I examine for errors (none found!), wet finish the two towels, hem the table runner and towels, and press. The Priceless Monksbelt Runner now graces our dining room table.

After the Priceless Monksbelt Runner I had enough warp to weave two bonus towels with monksbelt borders. In between the towels I did a small heart-shaped inlay just for play.
Two simple plain weave towels, with monksbelt borders. The tabby weft is 16/2 golden bleached linen. The coral pattern weft and green pattern weft is doubled 16/1 linen. The ecru center pattern weft is doubled 6/1 tow linen. Warp is 16/2 cotton. With only one washing so far, the towels still have a wonderful crisp linen hand.

The exceptional value of handwoven textiles makes your home a welcoming place. Time is one of our most valuable assets. That makes the textiles we create priceless!

Our dining table is just to the right as you walk through the front door of our home. May all who enter know they are welcome here!

Please enjoy this video review of weaving the Priceless Monksbelt Runner.

May the works of your hands bring exceptional value to your home.

Happy Weaving,

10 thoughts on “Process Review: Priceless Monksbelt and Video

  1. Your Monksbelt is always so beautiful! What’s the trick to getting such neat selvedges, please?

    1. Hi Beth, Thank you so much! With this weft rep the selvedge is not much of an issue. I do use a temple, which does help, but that’s no secret.

      I do enjoy the classic look of the monksbelt pattern.

      Happy weaving,

  2. Good morning Karen,
    The priceless table runner is perfect on your table.
    Beautiful. In place, it looks like it has always been there.

    1. Hi Nannette, I have to agree. It is satisfying to walk by the table and think this runner looks like it belongs there.

      Thank you,

  3. Like Nannette said, the runner looks like it belongs there. In my opinion, that’s a huge compliment to the maker, your heart is in it, and it doesn’t get more beautiful than that.

  4. I love all of the colors in your runner! At the same time, I find the simplicity of the colors in the towels equally beautiful.
    I have a warp on my Compact loom now that I will be trying my first monksbelt on. Just a narrow scarf to see how it goes.
    Thank you for all of the inspiration Karen.

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