Two Types of Weaving

My attention has been on the other loom for a couple weeks, but I have managed to sneak in to the big loom and add a little bit to this monksbelt project. I would like to have more to show, but this is it. What a contrast between the fast plain weave baby wrap (see Quiet Friday: Woven Baby Wrap) and this very slow two-shuttle monksbelt. I enjoy weaving both. There’s a time for fast; and there’s a time for slow.

Monksbelt on the loom.
White on white puts dramatic space between sections of color.

Each type of weaving produces a specific type of cloth. Very different textures. Very different purposes. Each beautiful in its own way. This reminds me of people, fashioned by the Lord. Individuals suited to specific tasks with purpose and meaning. This is our life discovery, to live the way our maker had in mind when he fashioned us with his hands.

May your life be rich with meaning.

Happy weaving,

2 thoughts on “Two Types of Weaving

  1. I’m always so blessed by the words you have not only of weaving but of the LORD. The LORD first and then weaving and pottery are my passion. I miss human contact and go for days without companionship so when I receive e-mail from you it is truly a blessing. Tha nk you for being there, Karen.

    1. Hi Pam, Your sweet words brought tears to my eyes. I thank YOU for being there, right where you are supposed to be.


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