Quiet Friday: Woven Baby Wrap

What do you weave into the fabric that will be cradling your future granddaughter? Love, and lots of it, of course. The baby wrap has been woven, and is cut from the loom! All that is left is the finishing work–examining for errors, washing and drying, and hemming. …And Melody learning how to wrap a baby wrap. Soon enough, baby Lucia will be wrapped in this love-made piece of cloth.

8/2 cotton for baby wrap.

Version 2

Afternoon sun gives shadow stripes.

Starting baby wrap. Sampling weft colors.

Broken twill stripe. Woven baby wrap.

Twill tape for measuring length on the loom.

Woven baby wrap on the loom. Karen Isenhower

Woven baby wrap on the loom. Karen Isenhower

Cloth beam with baby wrap.

Only 1/4 left to go! Woven baby wrap.

Twill tape for measuring on the loom. Almost at the end!

Woven baby wrap ready to be cut from the loom! Karen Isenhower

Woven baby wrap, just off the loom. Karen Isenhower

Woven baby wrap just off the loom!

May your loved ones enjoy your gifts of love.

Happy weaving,

9 thoughts on “Quiet Friday: Woven Baby Wrap

  1. So beautiful. You’ve put in all the colors of light and of the rainbow, the sign of the covenant between God and Man, perfect for a wee girl whose name means Light.

  2. What a touching journey you have shared with us, Karen! We are eagerly look forward to seeing Lucia wrapped in this beautiful piece. Blessings, Kris

  3. So beautiful. You have an amazing eye for color. You used color to made a very simple weave structure into something that is visually complex and eye catching.

    Thanks for including all of us in your journey

    1. Beachweaver, It makes me very happy to have friends like you joining me in this journey!

      Thank you for the compliments. I think working with color may be my main incentive for weaving. It’s invigorating to put colors together and watch them co-mingle into something visually interesting.


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