Palms Up

I distinctly remember the thrill of weaving my first two-block twill on eight shafts. It was a linen table square woven on a Glimåkra Standard loom in Joanne Hall’s delightful Montana studio. That classy linen table square came home with me, …and my first floor loom came soon after–a Glimåkra Standard of my own!

Two-block twill linen table square.
Linen table square, woven at Joanne Hall’s studio.

I can still hear Joanne’s gentle instruction about holding the shuttle. “Palms up.” This way is easy on the hands and wrists. I’ve had considerable practice since those lessons in Montana. Now, I send the shuttle across the warp and catch it securely with ease. That same two-block twill “Linne” pattern is on my Julia loom now, bringing back those fond memories. It comes as no surprise that watching threads on eight shafts become woven cloth is just as thrilling now as it was that very first time.

Linen table runner on 8 shafts.
Linne Table Runner on the Julia in golden bleached, olive green, and midnight blue 16/2 line linen.

Deliberate hands send the shuttle through the shed, and receive it as it comes through to the other side. God’s hand is faithful. Trust-worthy. Think of his hand as open, palm up. Carrying, sustaining, and holding us securely. Trust puts us into the Lord’s faithful hand.

May you remember what you’ve been taught.

Happy Weaving, Karen

10 thoughts on “Palms Up

  1. Now you’ve got me wondering about how I throw and catch the shuttle. On another note, I hope you’re faring well with the winter weather!

    1. Hi Beth, If your turn your palms down you can feel the extra tension at the top of your hands, wrists, and forearms. I think it’s something you can get used to.

      The winter storm has blanketed our property with ice and snow. Very unusual! It is beautiful, but extremely cold – in single digits at night. We lost power over the weekend but are doing fine by bundling up, sitting in front of the fireplace, and putting lots of blankets on the bed.


    1. Hi Maria, It’s not a problem for you. It’s interesting that you need to stop and think about which way you are holding your shuttle.


  2. I sure enjoy seeing your Julia, seeing the beautiful weaving. I look forward to seeing the weaving from my new Julia. I have chained my warp and am getting ready to put onto Julia. I am one that enjoys the preliminaries as we as the process of weaving and of course the beautiful results.

    We here in Nebraska are still very cold, yesterday was the coldest -21, today we are up into the single + digits. We have a propane furnace which will still work even if we lost electric. We do have extra blankets on the bed. But believe me I did have to take off a soft jacket when working on getting Julia for the warp. Another fun thing, if you get real cold, and have electricity, vacuum your home! You’ll warm up. Blessings to you all.

    1. Hi Linda, I’m with you. The preliminaries are just as enjoyable as the weaving. The excitement for your new Julia is building!

      I can’t imagine the temps you have in Nebraska. That makes our 3 degrees seem like nothing. True, activity does get us warmed up. I’m keeping my gloves on, so not much weaving for me until it warms up a bit.

      Happy weaving,

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