What Is Creativity?

I can follow a published weaving draft to the letter and expect to get the prescribed results. Or, I can change details and make the project reflect my own ideas. That’s creativity. And that’s why each handwoven piece reveals something about the one who made it.

Two-block broken twill on 8 shafts. Lovely linen!
Two-block broken twill on eight shafts. I like the natural variations in the linen thread.

With every given draft, I determine the width and length for the project I want to weave, and make adjustments accordingly. That may mean adapting the threading sequence to fit. Sometimes I choose a different size of thread. In that case, I change the sett, as needed. Treadling variations also come into play as the fabric takes shape according to my preferences. I almost always choose my own colors. It’s in the colors that I find the most enjoyment of letting my creativity flow. What is your favorite element for creative expression?

Weaving a linen table runner.
Linne, draft by Joanne Hall. The only adjustments I am making are some treadling variations at the start and end of the runner, and the color selection.
Eight-shaft 2-block twill.
Beginning of the runner is wrapping around the slender cloth beam of the Julia.

Creative ability is meant to be an expression of wisdom. Wisdom is a combination of things—experience, intellect, understanding—all put into practice. What you create makes your inmost contemplations visible. Each individual’s creativity is a small example that points to the most astounding example of all. Our Creator reveals his supreme wisdom in every facet of his creation. And you are a prime example of his wise attention to detail.

May your creativity blossom.

Happy Weaving,

7 thoughts on “What Is Creativity?

  1. That’s gorgeous! I wish Joanne would publish a book(let) of her weaving patterns, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

      1. Woohoo, you’re a star! Thanks for the link. My stash also thanks you, Although I don’t like my colors as much as I do yours! I always see some lovely Texas landscape in your choices. Your current piece has sandy shoals and mossy banks, with the deepest blue ripples just catching the light. Calm and peaceful.

  2. Good morning Karen,

    We moved to the North woods with our retirements. The last 6 months have been enlightening watching God’s wise creativity constantly revealed.

    My work? In progress. Occasionally… Results in the work of an artist. But, in deference to Sally Melville I also chose my own colors.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Nannette, Isn’t it fascinating how God’s finished creation constantly changes. Every change of season is a work of art.


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